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Why is Jungkook BTS nicknamed the Golden Maknae? This is the answer

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Golden Maknae is one of the special nicknames for maknae BTS’s favorite (youngest member), Jeon Jungkook. Hmm, how come, yes, Jungkook got that nickname?

Well, make chingudeul Those who just become ARMY really need to know the facts. Come on, see the reason why Jungkook BTS is nicknamed Golden Maknae the following!

3. The most athletic member

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Among other BTS members, Jungkook is the member who is the most good at sports and has a very athletic physique. Jungkook really likes sports and is good at all fields, such as archery, judo, marathon running, even ssireum though!

Not only in sports, Jungkook is also really good at playing games, you know. He is well-known as a member who has never lost against anyone because of his prowess. That’s great, right? This ability is one of the reasons Jungkook is often referred to as Golden Maknae.

4. Jungkook is a versatile all-rounder

Besides being athletic and having a mature nature, it’s no longer a secret that Jungkook has talent in all fields such as singing, dancing, rapping, even he has an artistic side that is equivalent to a professional.

His singing skills don’t need to be asked anymore, Jungkook has a golden voice that always amazes many people, both ARMYs and non-fans. He has even been named as one of the K-Pop idols who are the best at singing, you know. His dance skills are also no joke, he can easily pull off complex choreography to perfection!

Besides that, Jungkook also has an artistic side that deserves thumbs up, guys. His painting and drawing skills are on par with real artists, really salute!

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