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Comeback, Compilation of 9 Amazing Red Velvet Appearances

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Red Velvet’s latest album, titled The ReVe Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhytm will be released on March 21, 2022. Comeback this time the fans have been waiting for the trilogy project The ReVe Festival since 2019. They are expected to return with an impressive concept.

Red Velvet’s concept changes often amaze fans. This can also be proven through the following compilation of their appearances. Come on, listen while waiting for their new album to be released!

1. You can see the concept of Red Velvet from debut to the “Queendom” era through this complete compilation. They are always proven to be totality

2. This compilation with a duration of more than an hour presents Red Velvet’s performances from debut to the “Power Up” era. Impressive!

3. This complication of KBS is suitable for you to watch when you have a lot of free time. There was a debut performance until the “Umpah Umpah” era

4. MBC has presented various selected and best performances from Red Velvet in a compilation video, here. Worth watching till the end!

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5. The diversity of Red Velvet’s concepts is proven through the compilation featuring debut performances until this “Queendom” era

6. KBS has also combined various iconic and best performances from this SM Entertainment girl group through a compilation

7. Besides the title track, this compilation also includes the moment when Red Velvet performed their popular side track. Effective!

8. Different from the others, this compilation presents Red Velvet’s performance at the KBS year-end festival. Cooler than in the music program!

9. JTBC also has a special compilation for Red Velvet that combines the group’s moments appearing on various well-known programs. Interesting!

Red Velvet’s appearance is always memorable at every opportunity. No wonder the compilation above is also not boring and interesting to watch until the end.

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