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The difference between Voice of Baceprot and Other Metal Bands

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Jakarta: Voice of Baceprot (VOB) is a metal band from Garut who will tour in Europe. Uniquely, there is a difference between (VOB) compared to other metal bands, both in Indonesia and the world.

One of them, VOB consists of three personnel. Then, all three are girls, while the other metal groups are dominated by boys. In addition, three female VOB personnel wore hijabs.

The personnel of Voice of Baceprot consist of three young women. They are Firdda Kurnia alias Marsya (vocals and guitar), Widi Rahmawati alias Widi (bass), and Euis Siti Aisyah alias Siti (drummer).

Another uniqueness about them is the content in the music they deliver. Different from other metal music, VOB admits that the focus of their music is on social and environmental issues.

“Our focus is more on the movement to support gender equality, environmental issues, and humanity as well,” said Siti in the Showbiz Metro TV program.

“If people say ‘why isn’t the music metal?’ Because we emphasize metal more precisely in the lyrics,” he added.

On the other hand, Siti also explained the reason they wore the hijab during their gig. In this case, their appearance is not as scary as people think of metal bands.

“We feel that people respect us more when we wear the hijab. So when we perform on any stage, they respect us as women, as whole people,” she explained.


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