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This is a list of films showing in cinemas in 2022, it’s all fun

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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The film industry has been in decline for two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, in 2022, the film and cinema industry is slowly starting to bounce back.

At the end of 2021, the world of cinema was marked by the presence of films from various genres. Starting from Marvel films such as Spider-Man: No Way Home to local films such as fYuni, Teka Teki Tika, Makmum 2 and many more.

List of Movies Showing 2022

In 2022, cinemas will be filled with new films of various genres that you must watch, ranging from romantic dramas, animation, horror, adventure to Super hero. Curious? Check out the summary below!

1. Sing 2 (January 4)

Sing 2 is a film that will air in early January of the new year 2022 with the animation genre. This film produced by Illumination is a sequel to Sing’s first film in 2016. Sing’s film was nominated for the 2017 Golden Globes with the category Best Original Song – Motion Picture.

Sing 2 will tell the story of Buster Moon and his friends preparing for a concert. Buster is aiming for the big prize, so he must fight for the attention of the famous mogul named Jimmy Crystal.

2. The 355 (January 7)

The 355 will tell the story of a CIA agent who joins forces with three international agents on a mission at sea. They are tasked with retrieving a secret weapon that fell into the hands of the mercenaries. In addition, mThey also have to be strategically smarter than a mysterious woman who traces every move of this agent.

The 355 will star Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong’o and Diane Kruger and will be directed by Kinberg.

3. Scream (12-14 January)

Similar to the previous Scream film, this film will be released on January 12-14 which focuses on the story of the masked man. In 2022, Scream will attract audiences from a new generation while creating a nostalgic feel for the old audience.

This film tells the story of a series of murders in Woodsboro. A killer appears and Sidney Prescott must return again to uncover the truth. The film will be directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillert.

Sidney Prescott will be played directly by Neve Campbell with 2 friends who will help the victims to survive the masked man.

4. Nightmare Alley (January 19)

Nightmare Alley is a genre film thriller which tells of Stan Carlisle, a member of the circus. Here he plays with his intelligence who can quickly dig into someone’s past. He pretends to be cynical to deceive his clients. Finally, the action is threatened because of the emergence of a psychiatrist named Dr. Lilith Ritter.

5. Morbius (26 January)

Morbius, movie Super hero which is made from a Marvel comic that has been awaited by many fans since the beginning of its release trailers. Morbius will tell the story of Michael Morbius who suffers from a strange disease.

Morbius has had a blood disorder since childhood. He also tried to treat his illness by conducting experiments using bats. The experiment he did turned out to turn him into a half-vampire human.

6. Death on the Nile (11 February)

Death on the Nile is based on a novel written by Agatha Christie. This film will tell about the adventures of Hercule Poirot who should enjoy a vacation across the Nile. However, unfortunately Poirot’s holiday in Egypt had to be disrupted because of a murder case on the ship he was on.

7. Uncharted (February 18)

Uncharted Based on one of the best-selling video game series of all time. This film will take you to the story of Nathan Drake who goes on his first treasure hunting adventure with his friend Victor “Sully” Sullivan.

The two of them travel the world to get the greatest treasure that has never been found before. As it turned out, they also led to the tracking of Nathan’s long-lost brother.

8. The Batman (March 4)

The film called The Batman is a film Super hero which his fans have been waiting for. Tells the story of Gotham who was beaten by a series of heinous crimes that the police could not solve.

Bruce Wayne aka Batman finally did whatever he could. Then, Bruce meets his childhood friend, Selina Kyle aka Catwoman who makes him confused in fighting for justice.

9. Turning Red (March 11)

Turning Red is an animated film produced by Pixar. This film will tell the story of a young woman who loves a girl very much boy band. This woman named Meiling Lee is still 13 years old and is going through puberty.

This film also tells about the anxiety that Meiling feels about the changes in her body. When he is very happy, he will turn into a giant red panda.

10. Downton Abbey: A New Era (March 18)

For fans of the Downton Abbey series, they can’t wait for the sequel. The 2022 film will see a long-awaited sequel. FThe film tells the story of the Crawley family and the Downton staff as they prepare for an overseas trip.

11. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (April 8)

Sonic 2 will continue with the story of Sonic who has decided to live in Green Hills and will prove that he has the capital to become a true hero. Then, trouble came when Dr Robotnik returned with his new partner, Knuckles.

They are looking for a mystical emerald that is believed to have the power to destroy civilization. Sonic and his team, Sidekick, travel around the world to find emeralds first so they don’t fall to the wrong person.

12. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (May 6)

Marvel lovers, the story of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU will reopen and continue in 2022 with the film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Doctor Strange will face the consequences of the spell he casts to help Peter Parker open the gates of the multiuniverse.

To keep his world intact, Doctor Strange decides to team up with his fellow Avenger, Wanda Maximoff or Scarlet Witch.

13. Mission: Impossible 7 (27 May)

In 2022, film lovers will also be greeted by the famous actor Tom Cruise who brings the continuation of the story in the film Mission: Impossible 7. This film is a Mission: Impossible film series that will be released in the United States on May 27, 2022. Then, the film will followed by a release on the Paramount+ streaming platform 45 days after it went live.

That’s the list of films that will be coming to color in 2022. Which film will you watch first?

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