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New KPop Idol Facts Revealed Through 1theK’s IDDP Content

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Facts about a idol KPop is indeed very interesting to know. Starting from his real name, place of birth, to height and weight, fans often want to know their idol more deeply.

On the internet, many of these facts have been spread, even those presented in detail. However, Wiki is one of the sites that can be used as a reference for KPop fans to find out facts about their idols.

However, the information there is also still wrong, you know. It was dismantled directly by the idol KPop who confirmed and corrected the wrong information in the content IDDP courtesy of the 1theK Originals YouTube channel. Come on, find out what information was found to be wrong in the following content.

1. Place of birth

10 Facts of KPop Idols That Just Revealed Through 1theK's IDDP ContentBTOB’s Minhyuk and Changsub ( | Jake Enhypen (

Through YouTube content belonging to the 1theK Original channel, it is known that there are many wrong birthplaces for K-Pop idols. Maybe on some occasions idol they often or accidentally talk using satoori (dialect) a region in South Korea.

Examples are BTOB’s Changsub and Minhyuk. On the Namu Wiki site it is written that Changsub was born in Hwaseo-dong. The idol immediately said that the information was wrong and that he was actually born of Jeongja-dong.

Meanwhile, Minhyuk’s birthplace is written in Junggye-dong. However, Minhyuk finally confirmed that he was born in Wolgye-dong. One of member ENHYPEN who often speaks English with an Australian accent, Jake, also stated that he was not born in Brisbane, Queensland. Instead, he confirmed that his birthplace was Seoul, South Korea.

2. Height and weight

10 Facts of KPop Idols That Just Revealed Through 1theK's IDDP ContentMonsta X Minhyuk (

Estimates of height and weight can be wrong. Sometimes a number of idol K-Pop uses the addition of a sole inside the shoe which makes them appear taller. For example Monsta X’s Minhyuk who said that his height is 178.9 cm. In fact, what is written on the Namu Wiki site is 179.8 cm.

In addition, weight is also corrected a lot by para idol KPop featured in content IDDP the. There are several reasons why their weight is different from what is written on the Namu Wiki site. Lack of activities outside the home, consuming protein, and currently undergoing a diet program are some of the reasons stated by the participants idol K pop.

3. Educational history

10 Facts of KPop Idols That Just Revealed Through 1theK's IDDP ContentAsahi TREASURE (

Educational history is one thing that is also highlighted by KPop fans. The reason is, the place where the idols go to school is sometimes used as a benchmark for the intelligence they have. The better the reputation of the school, the more certain the idol has broad insight.

Even so, of course, the educational history on the Namu Wiki site is often corrected by experts idol K pop. One of them is Asahi TREASURE, who even corrected his place of schooling from elementary to middle school.

On the Namu Wiki it is written that Asahi finished his elementary school education at Avino Elementary School, while his junior high school was at Shinkitajima Middle School. Idol The K-Pop originating from Japan also stated that he actually attended Takai Elementary School and Nakano Middle School.

4. ATEEZ’s San and Jongho are from the same clan

10 Facts of KPop Idols That Just Revealed Through 1theK's IDDP ContentATEEZ’s San and Jongho (

One of the unique facts that even newbies know member ATEEZ is Jongho and San are from the same Choi clan. Second member who does have a one year age difference, uses the same surname or surname, namely Choi.

However, new to content IDDP they find out that their clans are the same, namely San and Jongho are actually from the Gyeongju Choi clan. This means that the surname Choi used by both of them resides or originates in Gyeongju, to be precise in North Gyeongsang Province.

Knowing this, San immediately exclaimed that he and Jongho were brothers. The captain of ATEEZ, Hongjoong, even said that they only found out about this after 6 years of living together.

5. TXT’s Soobin doesn’t like Choi Toteul’s nickname

10 Facts of KPop Idols That Just Revealed Through 1theK's IDDP ContentSoobin TXT (

Idol KPop often has unique nicknames, both from fans and fellow group members. One who also got the nickname was TXT’s Soobin. He has a lot of unique nicknames, but only one is the highlight, namely “Choi Toteul”.

Choi Toteul’s nickname itself means ‘Soobin is wrong again’. Choi is the surname of Sang idolwhereas toteul stands for tto teullyeo which means ‘wrong again’. Knowing this, Soobin also said that he did not like the nickname. In fact, he even told Beomgyu to be quiet while teasing him while saying, “toteul, hey toteul”.

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6. Yoshi TREASURE is not a Japanese citizen

10 Facts of KPop Idols That Just Revealed Through 1theK's IDDP ContentYoshi TREASURE (

Teume or Treasure Maker was created a commotion because of Yoshi’s statement that he was not a Japanese citizen. In content IDDPthe idol confirmed that he is the fourth generation of Japanese-Korean descent.

Born in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Yoshi’s full name is also very thick with Japanese elements. Even so Yoshi is a citizen of South Korea. Yoshi said that many misunderstood about his nationality because when he followed TREASURE Box survival show he joined Team Japan.

Teume’s hashtag “deceived” about Yoshi’s nationality was also buzzing and trending in twitter. The Teumes, who were previously excited that Yoshi would not be enlisting in the military, were also very surprised to learn about the idol’s real nationality.

FYI, Yoshi also has a Korean name, namely Kim Bang Jeon. He also stated that Japan and Korea were like his own parents and that Yoshi loved both countries very much.

7. San ATEEZ was student president in elementary school

10 Facts of KPop Idols That Just Revealed Through 1theK's IDDP ContentSan ATEEZ (

Have you ever received distrust from close friends about your achievements? If so, you have the same fate as San.

The reason is, member ATEEZ also can’t believe that San is a student president 99th while attending Namhae Elementary School. San said that it had been about 3 years since he said that to the memberbut they only believed it when the dimpled idol revealed it again in the content IDDP.

Member Other ATEEZ thought that what San said was a joke. Mingi even blatantly said that the member really don’t believe in that. He even went back to ask San to confirm this fact, you know.

8. MBTI Joohoney Monsta X is not an ENFP

10 Facts of KPop Idols That Just Revealed Through 1theK's IDDP ContentJoohoney Monsta X (

Have you tried doing the MBTI test? If so, I hope the results are accurate, yes! Don’t be like Joohoney who has to re-confirm his MBTI error.

On the Namu Wiki site, Joohoney’s MBTI says ENFP. In fact, it should be an ENFJ, here. When asked what the letter ‘j’ stands for in his MBTI, Joohoney even answered innocently. That, of course, immediately made PD-nim content IDDP laughing behind the camera.

9. The meaning of the name Junghwan TREASURE

10 Facts of KPop Idols That Just Revealed Through 1theK's IDDP ContentJunghwan TREASURE (

The writing of Korean names usually consists of three types, namely using hangul (Korean characters), hanja (Hanji script from China), and refined script (Latin). Well, usually hanja used to find out the meaning of Korean names.

For example, Junghwan TREASURE, here. Writing his name in hanja it’s true. However, the meaning for the letter hanjait’s still wrong. According to Sang idolsay jung in his name means ‘raising‘, and hwan means shining‘, no ‘fire‘ as it says on the Namu Wiki.

10. IM Monsta X admits that he is not close friends with a number of idols

10 Facts of KPop Idols That Just Revealed Through 1theK's IDDP ContentIM Monsta X (

While reading facts about him on Namu Wiki, IM said that he couldn’t miss one thing. On the site it is said that IM is close friends with Jackson, Jinyoung, GOT7’s BamBam, RM, JHope, and Jungkook BTS.

Even IM firmly said that none of the six idol mentioned earlier are close friends with him. It then made the member Another MONSTA X and PD-nim behind the camera burst out laughing because IM said that with a straight expression.

IM also explained that he did know GOT7’s Jackson and BamBam. However, for the fourth idol Of the others that had been mentioned, none of them had a special relationship with him as close friends.

Seeing such detailed information on the Namu Wiki site makes some idol KPop in content IDDP thought that it was something terrible, you know. Hyunsuk TREASURE even had time to say this spontaneously.

Even so, not all the information idol KPop on Namu Wiki is a real fact because something could go wrong. Even a diehard fan can be wrong about the facts he knows about his idol, right?

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