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17 Korean Drama OSTs sung by GOT7 members

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Exactly on January 18, 2022, BamBam has released his second mini album, titled B. His latest songs have managed to dominate the iTunes charts in several countries. Then in March, BamBam was trusted to fill in the OST for Korean dramas.

Before BamBam, there were several GOT7 members who had gone through their careers as OST singers first. Who are they and what Korean drama OSTs have they sung? Check out the full list below, OK!

1. Before debuting with GOT7, Jinyoung starred in Dream High 2 while singing its OST, “We Are The B”, in 2012

2. Not only Jinyoung, there was JB or Jay B who also sang the OST Dream High 2 with the title “Together” with Park Ji Yeon

3. Jay B also sang Dream High 2’s OST “New Dreaming” with Park Seo Joon

4. In 2015 Jay B was again invited to sing the OST for the drama Dream Knight with the title “Forever Love”

5. In 2017, Jay B sang The Package’s OST with the title song “U&I”. He sings in two languages, Korean and Chinese with Jackson GOT7

6. Jinyoung was trusted to sing Korean drama OSTs in 2018. He filled the drama Top Management with the title song “Hold Me”

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7. Still in 2018, Youngjae got his first opportunity to fill in the OST for the drama Wok of Love with the title “At the Usual Time”

8. In 2019, the sub-unit Jus2, namely Jay B and Yugyeom filled the OST He Is Psychometric with their melodious voices. The OST of this drama is titled “Take”

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9. Not only that, Jay B also contributed his golden voice again for the OST drama A Day Before Us Zero with the title song “Be With You”

10. In 2020, Youngjae had the opportunity to sing the OST at When My Love Blossoms with the song “Fall In Love” with Choi Jung Yoon

11. Entering 2021, Youngjae fills in OSTs in many dramas. First, there is Midnight Sun with the title song “Meet Me When the Sun Goes Down”

12. Even Youngjae sang two OSTs for the drama Midnight Sun, you know! The other one is titled “Good-bye Days”

13. The OST of the drama So I Married the Anti-fan entitled “Pop Star” is also filled by Youngjae’s melodious voice, here!

14. Then Youngjae also sang the OST of the drama he starred in, namely So Not Worth It, with the same title

15. Together with Soyeon Laboum, Youngjae sang the OST for the drama My Roommate Is a Gumiho with the OST title “You and I”

16. Youngjae closed 2021 by singing the OST titled “Day by Day” for the drama Love and Wish

17. After a solo comeback with his newest mini album in 2022, BamBam was trusted to sing the OST for the drama Business Proposal with the title “Melting”

The OST sung by BamBam managed to rank first on iTunes Top Songs, you know! Of the 17 Korean drama OSTs sung by GOT7 members, which one is your favourite?

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