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9 Awesome MAMAMOO Solar Collaboration Performances

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MAMAMOO’s Solar will be back with a release mini album titled : FACE, in which he also participated in the composition of his songs. As a soloist, he made the public have high expectations considering that he was quite successful in stealing attention with a unique concept when he just debuted.

In addition, Solar is also known as idol whose voice is suitable for singing songs of any genre. This is also evident in his various duet appearances. Come on, see!

1. Solar shows her talent in singing the song “Bling Bling” in the tarot genre with legendary singer, Kim Yon Ja

2. Together with EXID’s Solji and former AOA’s ChoA, Solar performed “I’ll Give You The Love I Have Left” by proving her strong voice.

3. At the KBS Song Festival, Solar duets with Song Ga In to bring a trot song that brightens up the atmosphere. Amaze the audience!

4. The combination of CNBLUE’s Yonghwa and Solar’s melodious voices when singing “Little Dimples” was successful. They performed a Chinese song, you know!

5. Hyojung Oh My Girl, Solar, and Wendy Red Velvet had time to sing with Yang Hee Eun at the MBC year-end festival. An iconic collaboration, here!

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6. Solar and Wheein along with vocalists from other groups performed “Eyes, Nose, Lips” by BIGBANG’s Taeyang. Short, but effective!

7. The duet of Solar and Moonbyul when performing “Promise U” was perfectly recognized by fans. What’s more, the song is also fun to listen to!

8. Solar, GFRIEND’s Eunha, and Oh My Girl’s Seunghee once performed a Disney movie soundtrack together. The mainstay vocalist of each group, here!

9. While still a rookie, Solar has proven her ability to sing with high notes with her seniors, here. Amaze!

Solar’s various collaborations have never disappointed fans. The melodious voice of the vocalist who can reach high notes in various songs is indeed amazing.

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