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5 Latest Indonesian Films in Cinemas January 2022, Weekend Watch Recommendations

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KONTAN.CO.ID – Jakarta. Film Just Mom family and movie themed Ben & Jody The exciting one starts showing in theaters. In addition, there is a line of the latest Indonesian films that will be shown in theaters in January 2022.

In January 2022, there is a romantic film First, Second & Third Love that brings together famous actors and actresses. In addition, there is a film called Just Mom from Hanung Bramantyo.

Well, here are the latest Indonesian films that will air in January 2022. Look forward to the latest Indonesian films with many exciting stories that are ready to entertain the audience.

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First, Second & Third Love

This is one of the romantic Indonesian films that makes the audience curious. The First, Second & Third Love films featured well-known stars Angga Yunanda, Putri Marino, Slamet Rahardjo, and Ira Wibowo.

First, Second & Third Love is a film by Gina S. Noer. This romantic Indonesian film features a story about Raja and Asia who put their dreams on hold in order to focus on taking care of their respective parents.

Their parents met and ended up having a romantic relationship. Raja and Cinta sacrificed for the good of their parents even though slowly feelings of love emerged between them.

The film First, Second & Third Love will be released on January 6, 2022 in theaters.

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Dear Nathan Thank You Salma

Dear, Nathan: Thank You, Salma is the latest Indonesian film from Rapi Films and Screenplay Films. The latest Indonesian film brings together Amanda Rawles, Jefri Nichol, and Arditho Pramono.

Dear, Nathan: Thank You, Salma directed by Kuntz Agus, tells the story of a relationship separated by busyness and distance. Nathan became a busy campus activist.

In the absence of Natha, Salma is close to Afkar who has much in common and understands his world better. Wait for Nathan, Salma, and Afkar’s love story.

Film Dear, Nathan: Thank You, Salma will open on January 13, 2022 in theaters.

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Missing the Light of Amstel

The film Missing Cahaya de Amstel tells the story of Khadija Veenhoven, a beautiful and pious girl born in the Netherlands. She accidentally runs into Nico and they start a new story.

Khadija is also good friends with a woman named Kamala Nareswari who migrated to the Netherlands. Kamala’s arrival in the Netherlands brought her to the story of Nico’s past.

This latest Indonesian film seems to be showing a love triangle story. Missing Cahaya de Amstel starring Amanda Rawles, Bryan Domani, Rachel Amanda, Ridwan Remin, Oki Setiana Dewi, to Maudy Koesnaedi.

The film Longing for Light de Amstel opens on January 20, 2022 in theaters.

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Ben & Jody

This latest Indonesian film looks different from the story of the Ben & Jody characters in the previous film. The latest Indonesian film, which aired in January, was directed and written by Angga Dwimas Sasongko.

This Indonesian film tells of Ben (Chicco Jerikho) and Jody (Rio Dewanto) who meet Rinjani (Hana P. Malasan), Tambora (Aghniny Haque), Jago (Reza Hilman), and Musang (Muzakki Ramdhan).

Ben and Jody face adventures and problems more complicated than they have ever experienced before. These new problems even threaten their lives.

The Ben & Jody film will premiere on January 27, 2022 in Indonesian cinemas.

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Just Mom

Just Mom is the latest Indonesian film by director Jeihan Angga. The film, which seems to focus on the story of a mother, features well-known actors and actresses.

This film stars Christine Hakim, Niken Anjani, Ge Pamungkas to Ayushita W. Just Mom tells the story of a mother who loses the attention of her children who are busy with work.

Instead, my mother decided to take care of a homeless woman who was ODGJ and was very pregnant. This decision made the children worried because Mother’s condition was weakened due to cancer.

This latest Indonesian film will premiere on January 27, 2022 in theaters.

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