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The Most Attached Original Soundtrack of KDrama 2022

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In 2022, many new KDramas have appeared, starring popular South Korean actors and actresses. Starting from Snowdrop until the latest is Business Proposal.

Apart from the visuals of the actors and actresses as well as the charming KDrama storyline, original soundtrack which is presented in several KDramas, it often becomes the attraction of the audience, here!

So far, there are 9 KDrama OSTs that stick most in 2022. Curious? Come on, scrolling down!

1. Jamie Miller’s “Wishes” OST “Snowdrop”

Snowdrop is a drama starring BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Jung Hae In.

This drama set in the 80s tells the love story of two people who have very different backgrounds. Besides having a very interesting storyline, Snowdrop also has some very sticky OSTs, even after the drama ended.

Jamie Miller is one of the singers who fills the drama OST Snowdrop. He successfully sang a song called Wishes which has such a deep meaning, as well as the meaning of the song that fits perfectly with the tragic love story between Suho and Young Ro. This song attracted a lot of attention from the audience and succeeded in becoming the most attached OST in the drama Snowdrop.

You agree?

2. “Friend” Kim Heewon OST “Snowdrop”

In addition to the song titled Wishes sung by Los Angeles singer Jamie Miller, the song is titled Friend which is sung by Kim Heewon can also be said to be so attached to the drama Snowdrop.

This song appears when opening snowdrop, making this OST very attached to the hearts of the audience and can make us fail move on from Snowdrop when listening to this song.

Don’t you agree?

3. “Christmas Tree” V BTS OST “Our Beloved Summer”

The vocals that V BTS has are no longer in doubt. Song titled Christmas Tree this was successfully delivered beautifully and so attached to the drama Our Loved Summer.

Has a song that sounds so soft to the ear and reminds us of Yeon Soo and Choi Woong’s romantic moments in this drama. So fail move one, ok!

4. “Fly Away” CNU B1A4 OST “Ghost Doctor”

Having qualified vocals, CNU B1A4 successfully sang a song entitled Fly Away which is one of the drama OST Ghost Doctor nicely.

This song has a fun tone and has vibe which is very positive, in accordance with the meaning of the song which describes a person to get back up from adversity.

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In addition, the song titled Fly Away this feels so attached to the drama Ghos Doctor, reminds us of Oppa Rain’s acting in this drama, huh!

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5. “Leave” 4MEN OST “Bulgasal: Immortal Souls”

End with happy ending and get rating satisfying in its last episode, proves that drama Bulgarian: Immortal Souls this is quite interesting. The actresses and actors who play a role in this drama also successfully portray their respective characters very well.

Not only the storylines and roles played by the actresses and actors are of concern, the OST of this drama also does not go unnoticed, one of which is the OST entitled Leave sung by 4Men.

Well delivered, making this OST stick with drama Bulgarian: Immortal Souls.

6. “Melting” Cheeze OST “Forecasting Love And Weather”

Forecasting Love And Weather is the latest Netflix drama which just aired on February 12, 2022. Starring Song Kang and Park Min Young, this drama tells the love story between seniors and juniors at work.

One of the OSTs is entitled Melting which is sung by Cheeze has a cheerful disposition with a easy listening and also fit with the drama Forecasting Love And Weather.

This song is one of the OSTs that can make us fail move on from the drama after it ends, here!

7. Hong Dae Kwang’s “Bright Memories” OST “Young Lady And Gentleman”

In 2022 it’s drama Young lady and gentleman achieved immense popularity for being the most watched drama and managed to get rating which is very satisfying.

Besides, one of the drama OSTs Young lady and gentleman sung by Hong Dae Kwang entitled Bright Memories so attached to this drama. The rendition of the song easy listening and it fits perfectly when this song plays during the sweet moment between Park Dan-dan and Lee Young-guk.

8. “Starlight” TAEIL OST “Twenty-Five Twenty-One”

Taeil who is member This NCT is one of the singers who fills the drama OST Twenty-Five Twenty-One.

With the golden voice that he has, Taeil successfully brought the song titled Starlight nicely and able to make the audience more carried away and become an OST that feels so attached to the drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One.

the song easy listening really, of course it will be an OST that will always be remembered in the drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One.

9. Lee Mujin’s “Sweet” OST “Bussines Proposal”

Drama Business Proposal which aired on February 28, 2022 and starred Ahn Hyo Seop and Se Jeong, many fans have been waiting for, you know! Because this drama stars actresses and actors who have stunning visuals and a curious storyline.

In the first episode, drama Business Proposal attracted a lot of attention because of Se Jeong’s hilarious acting and charming visuals. In addition, his first OST is entitled Sweet which was sung by Lee Mujin was delivered very nicely and easy listening very.

How, do you agree that these 9 KDrama OSTs are so sticky? In addition, the vocals of the singers who sing the OSTs of several K-Dramas are extraordinary. Making the OST even more slick and leaving an impression on the hearts of the audience.

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