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Birthday, SUGA BTS’s 13 Most Popular Fancams That Amaze You

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March 9, 2022, is a day where ARMYs around the world can celebrate SUGA BTS’s 29th official birthday in various ways. Starting from project to make the idol’s birthday greeting hashtag trending on social media. The rapper certainly deserves that attention from fans, considering that he always tries to show his best.

What’s more, SUGA who became idol was used to proving his totality on stage. These fancams can prove the talent and charm of the idol when appearing. Come on, see!

1. In accordance with the concept of the song, SUGA showed a sweet charm when performing “Boy With Luv” until this fancam achieved 6.6 million views

2. SUGA’s solo performances never fail to steal attention. One of them when he brought “SEESAW”. As a result, this fancam was watched 5.2 million times

3. SUGA’s passionate dance and rap when performing “Fire” always amazes fans. No wonder this fancam has 3.8 million views

4. Even though he wore a simple stage costume, SUGA’s total appearance was still captivating. This fancam has reached 3.4 views, you know!

5. The idol looked so expressive when performing “Airplane Pt. 2” that this fancam became popular and won 3 million views

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6. Reaching 2.9 million views, SUGA once again showed his undeniable cool charm when performing “Save Me” and “I’m Fine”

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7. Not even a year, SUGA’s fancam when performing “Butter” was watched 2.7 million times. He showed off his charm and talent well!

8. SUGA also fits the dark concept. This was proven when he brought “Fake Love”. As a result, this fancam got 2.6 million views

9. This moment when SUGA shyly and adorablely danced “Family Song” also won 2.6 million views

10. In accordance with the concept of the song, SUGA appeared more cheerful when performing the iconic “Go Go”. It’s natural that this fancam has 2.3 million views

11. SUGA always shows his best when singing “Mic Drop”, especially at award shows. This fancam also got 2.1 million views

12. Reaching 1.8 million views, the moment when SUGA looked excited and adorable in the “Permission To Dance” performance successfully entertained ARMY

13. No less interesting, he makes the audience feel at home watching his performance every time he brings “Dynamite”. This fancam also got 1.7 views

Fancam above proves the moment when SUGA proved his skill in attracting the audience’s attention. He is so expressive and can carry the rap part perfectly.

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