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Eben Burgerkill’s Life Journey, from the Beginning of Banding to His Death

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TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The guitarist for the metal band Burgerkill, Aries Tanto or Eben Burgerkill, died on Friday, September 3, 2021. Eben died of a heart attack while filming. This Burgerkill guitarist had fainted and was rushed to the Bungsu Hospital, Bandung.

Eben has been fond of music since he was in high school. In 1995, this Jakarta boy moved to Bandung and founded a band with the genre of metal named Burgerkill. This name is a play on one of the burger brands sold in the country.

Since then the name Eben began to be known among musicians and music fans. The interesting fact is, until the end of his life, Eben was the only original member of Burgerkill who had survived since the band was founded.

Together with Ivan, Kimung, and Dadan, Eben formed the initial formation of Burgerkill and released their first single through the underground phenomenon Richard Christian Franklin Muttler in early 1997. A compilation CD of Bandung bands entitled Masaindahbangetsekalipisan which also attracted other local bands to fill the album such as Cherry Bombshell, Full of Hate, and Puppen.

At the end of 1997, Eben and his colleagues again contributed to the compilation album Breathless, by contributing their song Offered Sucks. Shortly after that, in early 1998, Burgerkill released a single called Blank Proudness which they included in the Independent Australia album, a compilation of Ujungberung Grindcore bands.

After releasing their three singles, Burgerkill finally caught the eye of a record company from Malaysia, Anak Liar Records. In early 1999, the album Three Ways Split was born in collaboration with the band Infireal from Malaysia and Watch It Fall from France.

Not satisfied because they always share a place with other bands, in 2000 Burgerkill finally succeeded in giving birth to Dua Sisi, their first album produced by Riotic Records. Not only that, in that year Burgerkill also released a new single through the Ticket To Ride compilation entitled Everlasting Hope Never Ending Pain.

The music presented by Burgerkill is quite popular with hardcore music lovers, so this metal band is also being targeted by the major label Sony Music Entertainment. Then in mid-June 2003, Eben and his partner signed a six-album contract with the well-known music company.

At the end of 2003, Burgerkill’s second album was released after Dua Sisi. The album was named Berkarat and was nominated for AMI Awards in mid-2004. Through this album, Burgerkill won an award in the Best Metal Production category.

The integrity of the Burgerkill band had to be torn apart in 2005 after their drummer, Toto, decided to leave the formation. Burgerkill also had to reshuffle their formation, Andris, who had previously played for the bass position, took over the position left by Toto. Even though Toto left, they continued the songwriting process using an additional bass player to replace the bass instrument.

Because there was no agreement in working on their third album project with Sony Music Entertainment, Burgerkill finally terminated the cooperation contract with the music company towards the end of 2005.

After breaking away from Sony Music Entertainment, they established their own music label under the name Revolt! In the middle of the process of launching their third album, in July 2006 the vocalist, Ivan passed away.

Although left by the vocalist, under the auspices of the Revolt! they continued to release their third album with the title Beyond Coma And Despair in mid-August 2006. Beyond Coma And Despair became one of the best albums in Rolling Stone Indonesia Magazine. It was only in early 2007, Eben and his colleagues found a new vocalist after auditioning a vocalist.

Together with Vicky, Burgerkill’s new vocalist, they held a tour in major cities in Java and Bali to promote album them in early January. Two years later, in 2009 Burgerkill together with Psycroptic and Nemesis held the Allegiance to Metal Tour 2009.


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