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Deadsquad Profile and Biodata, Rock Band to Collaborate with Isyana soon

  • Share – Deadsquad is a band death metal from Jakarta, Indonesia. The band will soon hit the Indonesian music scene in collaboration with Isyana Sarasvati on the song Il Sogno. Check out Deadsquad’s profile and bio below.

Musically, this Deadsquad carries the flow of technical death metal which uses a lot of diatonic tones in it.

Often, this type of music is associated as a combination of death metal with progressive rockand also jazz fusion. Very fast tempo, complicated techniques, double pedal drums, and also fast grinding beats are the hallmark of the technical death metal genre and are the hallmark of Deadsquad.

Even if you don’t use growling and tends to stick with technique scream heavy for the vocal sound, Deadsquad is not picky in making their music material.

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Isyana Sarasvati and Deadsquad. [Instagram]
Isyana Sarasvati and Deadsquad. [Instagram]

And even though it can’t be heard with the ear mainstreamIn choosing album themes, song titles, and writing song lyrics, Deadsquad often incorporates elements of social criticism in addition to the death themes which are the basic image of death metal itself.

The following is an interesting review of Deadsquad’s profile and biodata that has been summarized from various sources.

The Origin of Deadsquad

Deadsquad was founded in 2006, in Jakarta. At its inception, Deadsquad was just a music project to play songs old school metal band such as Slayer, Anthrax and Sepultura.

At that time, Stevie Morley “Item” (guitarist of Andra & the Backbone) and Ricky Siahaan (guitarist of Seringai) initiated the founding of the project band that eventually became Deadsquad. Then, came Bonny Sidharta, the band’s bassist grindcore Tengkorak and Andyan Gorust, drummer for Siksa Kubur, a brutal death metal band.

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However, before they had time to work on songs instead of composing their own songs, several members of this band had already resigned in the same year.

At that time, Ricky Siahaan resigned because he preferred to be busy with other bands. Then his replacement was Prisa Adinda, a female guitarist from the former Zala band. Until August 29, 2006, with the formation of Stevie Item, Bonny Sidharta, Andyan Gorust and Prisa Adinda, a band called Deadsquad was formed.

Deadsquad personnel

Then joined as a vocalist, namely Babal from Alexander in October 2006. After Prisa left in early 2008 and was accompanied by Babal, he entered the band’s guitarist punkNeutrals include Christopher “Coki” Bollenmeyer and Daniel Mardhany (Abolish Conception) as vocalists.

With the formation of Daniel Mardhany (vocals), Stevie Item (rhythm), Coki Bollenmeyer (melody) Bonny Sidharta (bass), and also Andyan Gorust (drums) Deadsquad finally released their first album with the title “Horror Vision” on March 9, 2009 .

At that time, Deadsquad teamed up with record label Rottrevore Records to work on the album Horror Vision.

The album appeared at the opening concert of the metal band from the United States, Lamb of God in Jakarta. With the same formation, Deadsquad released their second album, Profanatik, in 2013.

A year later, Bonny Sidharta chose to resign. His eccentric departure on stage on March 17, 2014 was replaced by Arslan Musyifa from Funeral Inception.

Then the third album “Tyranation” in 2016 was successfully launched by Deadsquad. Personnel changes are not a strange thing in the dynamics of a band, including Deadsquad.

Arslan Musyfia also left in 2017. And most recently, Deadsquad’s formation is Daniel Mardhany (vocals), Stevie Item (rhythm guitar), Welby Cahyadi (bass), Kharisma (melodic guitar) and Alvin Eka Putra (drums) who are also members of the band Noxa.

That’s the profile and biodata of the legendary Indonesian death metal band Deadsquad who will soon collaborate with Isyana Sarasvati on the song Il Sogno.

Contributors: Rishna Maulina Pratama

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