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Alif Ba Ta, Fingerstyle Guitarist Who Is Phenomenal in Cyberspace

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BERITABETA.COM – If you mention the name Alif Gustakhiyat, surely many do not know who is meant. But when I mention Alip Ba Ta fingerstyle, at least 2 million people who like watching YouTube know who I mean.

Alif, is a YouTuber who is quite phenomenal in the YouTube world. Joined as a youtuber since January 2018 with the Alip_Ba_Ta channel, within 2.5 years he has more than 2.2 million subscribers.

Who exactly is this Alif and where is he phenomenal apart from the number of subscribers he has?

Bang Alif is a YouTuber with fingerstyle video content. He plays songs using an acoustic guitar in a fingerstyle style. There are actually many fingerstyle guitarists on YouTube, both from within and outside the country.

One of the things that distinguishes it from most fingerstyle guitarists who play or cover songs only with “as is” or try to play the song as closely as possible to the original song, Alif always adds his own trademark in every song he plays with the appearance as it is.

A cigarette that sometimes appears in video scenes, coffee sachets, an ashtray from a used biscuit tin, a guitar connected to a recorder to pick up the sound of his guitar playing, a rented “studio” whose walls are shabbyly painted (at the beginning of the performance, decorated with posters). math lessons), and of course a hat that reassures the viewer that he’s showered.

The wise man said, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. His appearance is far from the impression of being good at playing the guitar, not convincing for people who are watching the video for the first time.

But as soon as the fingers of the man who owns the Youtube channel Alif Ba Ta dance on the six strings, it will surely make anyone who sees it chuckle in awe.

That’s how it is. The man who was born in Ponorogo 31 years ago, whose full name is Alif Gustakiyat, who works as a forklift driver in a company, is popular on Youtube with the Alif Ba Ta channel.

The channel, which contains finger style guitar playing that covers any song, has more than 2 million subscribers who are also actively commenting, with an average of 1 million views per post.

Songs from super bands such as Eagle’s Hotel California, Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and Love of My Life, Gun’s and Roses’ Sweet Child O Mine, Bon Jovi’s It’s My Life, Scorpion’s You and I, Linkin Park’s Numb to songs from Indonesian musicians such as Iwan Fals, Andre Hehanusa and Indonesian bands such as Gigi, Dewa-19, folk songs and even songs of struggle. All played fluently by Alif like a guitar maestro graduated from an international music academy.

No doubt, his guitar playing videos are also widely commented on and used as a “first reaction” for YouTubers at home and abroad. Make people more curious and look for the source of the original video. As if they couldn’t believe that the guitarist they saw was a forklift driver.

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