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11 Cover Songs sung by Park Jin Joo, with a golden voice!

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Park Jin Joo is not a new face in the entertainment industry. This Korean actress is even referred to as national bestfriend, because he often appears as a friend of the main actor in Korean dramas.

In addition to his busy life as an actress, Park Jin Joo has many exciting activities that she shares on her YouTube channel. Starting from vlog around hobbies, behind-the-scenes activities while filming, to cover song. His ability to attract voice also makes him often invited to sing on television shows. Try to hear cover the following song, come on!

1. Having a golden voice, Park Jin Joo was able to bring the part of Idina Menzel who was the voice of Elsa in Frozen 2 in the song “Into the Unknown”

2. He even sings Auli’i Cravalho’s “How Far I’ll Go” in a relaxed manner without difficulty. Accompaniment of the guitar adds to the beachfront atmosphere even more real!

3. The phenomenal song that once filled the drama Descendants of the Sun, “You are My Everything” by Gummy was successfully delivered by Park Jin Joo with a melodious voice

4. He also often collaborates with other artists. One of them was with Kang Ki Doong by performing the song “Falling Slowly” by Glen Hansard featuring Marketa Irglova

5. Amaze! “So Bad” belonging to the girl group Stayc can even be performed with Park Jin Joo’s single vocals

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6. Like a professional singer, Park Jin Joo performed Lady Gaga’s “Shallow” featuring Bradley Cooper in high notes

7. Duet with musician Sunwoo Jung A, listeners were impressed by Park Jin Joo’s high note when performing Lee Hi’s song “Breath”

8. He can even remain energetic while keeping up with Super Junior’s Heechul’s vocals and the original singers of “Sad Salsa” and “Dash”, Baek Ji Young

9. Not only Korean and English songs, he also tried to sing Spanish songs, namely “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankees

10. IU’s “Hold My Hand” which she once sung for 28 seconds has now reached 5.7 million viewers, you know!

11. When covering Blackpink’s song “Whistle”, he didn’t miss the rapper part and performed the song himself. Cool!

In addition to his undoubted acting quality, Park Jin Joo still has other talents. This makes anyone who knows his figure even more amazed. After acting, comedy, good at singing, what else is there, huh?

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