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Lee Jung Jae Leaks Squid Game 2 Story, Gi Hun Returns to the Bloody Arena

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Squid Game has become a global sensation and one of the most popular Netflix series of all time. This survival thriller series focuses on a series of deadly games that involve 456 people from all walks of life who become players to win huge cash prizes.

Starring Lee Jung Jae, Jung Ho Yeon, Park Hae Soo, Gong Yoo, and Lee Byung Hun, Squid Game has established itself as a pop culture phenomenon. Since its first release in September 2021, Netflix has launched an official line of Squid Game merchandise, and popular YouTuber MrBeast is making Squid Game sets in the real world.

While the series ultimately lost the number one spot on Netflix, it has maintained its popularity and will open the door for a Western adaptation.

Reporting from People, Lee Jung Jae, actor Player 456 aka Seong Gi Hun, leaked the storyline for his character in season 2. Lee Jung Jae hopes that the story for season 2 can give a twist. He admitted that he had discussed season 2 with director Dong Hyuk and revealed that his character, Gi Hun, will be returning to the arena in the next season of Squid Game.

“I hope there’s some kind of twist that’s going to be interesting and surprising for both me and the viewers. If it’s predictable then it won’t be fun. I don’t know what will happen or the scale of it, but the only thing that’s going to happen is [Hwang] what I can tell is that Seong Gi Hun will appear on the show again, and he will play in the arena again,” Lee Jung Jae told People.

Squid Game season 1 ends with a lot of mystery left, with Gi Hun choosing to try to stop the next game instead of going on a plane to see his family.

Of course, Gi Hun returning to the arena could have two possibilities, namely to enter the deadly competition once again to sabotage the game, or he becomes the new Front Man.

The Squid Game series can stick with audiences because it’s more than just a series about a survival game, as the show explores how despair can undermine humanity and what humanity is at its core.

Recently, it was revealed that Squid Game seasons 2 and 3 are being discussed on Netflix, which could explore more of the background of the game. It can be expected that Gi-hun will be pushed back into the dangerous Squid Game in season 2.


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