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So Controversy, Court Decides Snowdrop Can Still Be Aired

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Long before Snowdrop was aired, this drama had already sparked controversy for allegedly distorting history. Even after it officially aired, the drama Jung Hae In and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo was again faced with a petition signed by more than 300 thousand people in South Korea.

In the midst of the controversy, a civic group called the Declaration of Global Citizens in Korea also submitted a request to the court for JTBC to stop broadcasting the drama. However, on December 29, 2021, the Seoul Western District Court rejected the request for the Declaration of Global Citizens in Korea.

“Even if Snowdrop distorts history, the chances that the people who experienced the incident will accept the distortion as fact are very low,” the court said, explaining their reasoning.

In addition, to date there is no law in South Korea that protects the pro-democracy movement from historical distortions. “Unless the drama content directly involves the group, rights violations are difficult to argue against,” he explained.

On the other hand, JTBC continues to assert that the accusation of historical distortion is a misunderstanding that will be corrected in the upcoming episode. Even last week, they decided to change the Snowdrop show schedule, from what should have been 2 times a week to 3 times a week to prove their point.

Meanwhile, the South Korean public is still waiting for a response from the Blue House regarding a petition signed by more than 300 thousand people. Usually, a petition will get a response if it gets at least 200,000 signatures.

Previously, it wasn’t just Snowdrop who was faced with a petition to stop the drama from airing. JTBC, as the broadcasting TV station, was also the target of a petition asking the Blue House to close the TV station.

Regarding the petition, JTBC has not yet commented.

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