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There’s Shadow Beauty, These 4 Dramas Raise Bullying on Women

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The web drama Shadow Beauty has aired its last episode on January 29, 2021. This drama has become a conversation among netizens because it tells the story of a high school student who is bullied at school because she has an ugly face, but behind it all she is a famous and beautiful influencer named Genie.

Not only Shadow Beauty, there are several dramas with a similar theme that you can watch. Come on, see!

1. My ID Is Gangnam Beauty


This drama is about Kang Mi Rae (Im Soo Hyang), a girl who is bullied because of her appearance. As a result, he becomes insecure, cautious around people and withdraws.

However, Mi Rae decides she wants to make a fresh start from bullying and undergoes plastic surgery to change her face. When she starts college, Mi Rae is still teased by her friends and is labeled ‘Gangnam Beauty’. Mi Rae begins to recover her lost confidence and discovers that true beauty doesn’t come from the outside.

2. True Beauty


In the romantic-comedy genre, True Beauty tells the story of Lim Ju Kyung (Moon Ga Young), a high school girl who was always bullied at her old school for having an unpretentious face. She also began to change herself by learning make-up and became very beautiful.

Ju Kyung starts a new chapter by transferring to a new school and is always worshiped as having a goddess-like beauty. Even though he is popular, Ju Kyung still thinks he is ugly and he is always afraid if his friends see his real face.

3. Shadow Beauty


Shadow Beauty tells the story of Koo Ae Jin (Shim Dal Gi) who is bullied at school because of her appearance. In fact, even strangers insulted him physically.

Despite having a bitter life at school, Ae Jin lives a secret life by becoming an influencer named Genie. She put on heavy makeup and edited her photos for hours to make them look beautiful.

His followers on social media accounts have reached hundreds of thousands of people. Unfortunately, Ae Jin’s life begins to be disrupted when a boy who goes to the same school as her finds out her secret.

4. The Miracle


The Miracle tells the story of Shi Yeon (Hong Yoon Hwa), a girl who has a fat body and is always teased and bullied at school because of her appearance. Because of this, Shi Yeon becomes a loner, preferring to stay at home and produce Internet broadcasts in the safety of her room.

The only time Shi Yeon goes out is to visit the mysterious tarot card reader who gives him magic tarot cards every day. His life immediately changes when he and his much prettier twin have their souls exchanged.

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