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Director Reveals Plans to Make Squid Game Until Season 3

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Squid Game is one of the best-selling Netflix series worldwide. Its popularity makes the director plans to continue this series until the third season.

This was conveyed by the director, Hwang Dong Hyuk, when interviewed by KBS TV station recently. He admitted that he was in discussions with Netflix to continue Squid Game until the third season.

“I’m currently in discussions with Netflix for the second and third seasons of Squid Game,” said Hwang Dong Hyuk.

“I think we will arrive at a final decision in the near future. We know a lot of people are waiting, so we are working hard to prepare for the next season positively.”

Hwang Dong Hyuk also revealed a possible plot for the second season. According to him, the second season of viewers can focus on the character of Seong Gi Hun.

“The focus for the second season will be the story of Song Gi Hun (Lee Jung Jae’s character) who tries to unravel the mystery of the organization behind Squid Game,” said Hwang Dong Hyuk.

“The plot of the second season will tell about the people Gi Hun meets and the people who chase him,” he concluded.

Shortly after the interview was widely discussed, Netflix finally spoke up. They confirmed that they were discussing with director Hwang Dong Hyuk about the possibility of expanding the world of Squid Game.

“We are currently discussing various possible Squid Game series, including the production of a third season. However, there is still no certainty whatsoever,” said Netflix.

Squid Game is a Netflix original series about a mysterious game with a prize pool of 45.6 billion Won. However, the participants, totaling 456 people, must be willing to risk their lives to win the prize.

With an interesting and different story from ordinary Korean dramas, Squid Game has also received a positive response from the public all over the world. At that time, Netflix announced that Squid Game was watched by more than 111 million subscribers worldwide.


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