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2PM’s Junho-Lee Se Young Leaks Bed Scene on The Red Sleeve

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The Red Sleeve is now one of the most popular Korean dramas. Starring Junho 2PM and Lee Se Young, the chemistry of the two makes this drama even more interesting to watch.

Recently, Junho and Lee Se Young made a special appearance as DJs on the MBC FM4U radio program, Noon Song of Hope. Both admitted that they had just finished all the filming process and revealed exciting behind-the-scenes stories. One of them has a story about their first kiss.

“So we were close enough, and when it came to episode 14, they asked us to do a kiss scene. That was our first kiss,” Junho said.

“Sometimes there are kiss scenes at the beginning or the middle of the series. But because we didn’t do those scenes at the beginning, we thought there would be absolutely no kissing scenes for us to do,” continued Lee Se Young.

“Right! We really thought we didn’t have to do a kiss scene. But when they told us to kiss, it was awkward!” Junho explained.

Not only that, they also leaked another important scene, namely the bed scene. While doing this scene, the director had to stop Junho and Lee Se Young so that the drama rating did not become 19+.

“I can’t divulge much, but when we did the scene we weren’t completely finished. Then the director suddenly told us to stop and edit everything. Is this spoiler enough?” said Lee Se Young with a laugh.

So the bed scene is a little different from what is written in the script. Actually, San and Deok Im did exactly what was in the script. But the director said, ‘That’s enough! The footage is more than enough to make this scene beautiful’. So we shocked. I asked the director, ‘Is that really enough?’ But let’s stop talking about this,” concluded Junho.

The Red Sleeve is a colossal Korean drama that is still airing on MBC. This drama airs every Friday and Saturday at 22.00 South Korean time.

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