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Turkey Will Not Join Western Sanctions Against Russia

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Tribunnews Reporter, Fitri Wulandari

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, ANKARA – Turkey will not join the sanctions imposed by some Western countries against Russia regarding special military operations in Ukraine.

Quoted from the page TASSMonday (14/3/2022), Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu made this statement at a diplomatic forum in Antalya on Sunday.

“We believe that sanctions will not solve the problem. Take the airspace, according to the Montreux Convention we have no power to close it. This is a legal obligation,” Cavusoglu said, when asked about Turkey’s stance on sanctions against Russia.

Meanwhile, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on the sidelines of the alliance’s diplomatic forum, he hoped all its members would impose restrictions for the country.

Previously, Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 24 launched a special military operation in Ukraine.

This step was taken following a request for assistance from the leaders of the Donbass Republic.

However, he admitted that he had no plans to occupy Ukrainian territory.

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Seeing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the United States (US), European Union (EU), Britain, and a number of other countries said that they had begun to impose sanctions on Russian legal entities and individuals.

On the other hand, Turkey has repeatedly said it has no interest in joining sanctions against Russia.

This is done by the Turkish government so as not to harm its own economy and to keep the door open for dialogue with Russia.

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