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6 Ways to Overcome WhatsApp that Can’t be Opened Easily

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How to solve WhatsApp that can’t be opened because of an important error to know. Photo: ist

JAKARTA – How to solve WhatsApp that can’t be opened is actually quite easy. However, errors in an application are common when in use.

If you actively use applications to communicate such as WhatsApp, you must feel irritated when WhatsApp errors. Reported from various sources, here are six ways to solve WhatsApp that cannot be opened.

1. Update WhatsApp OS and Applications
The way to solve WhatsApp cannot be opened is to check the version of the application on the cellphone. If your WhatsApp application is outdated or has not been updated, then try updating the system (OS) first. The WhatsApp update serves to minimize bugs in the application so that it can work optimally.

2. Ensure Stable Internet Network
The way to solve WhatsApp cannot be opened is to make sure you have checked the internet network. Make sure the internet connection is stable and smooth. If the signal is not good try using a Wi-Fi connection available in your vicinity. Interrupted network can make it difficult for you to open the WhatsApp application.

3. Clear Whatsapp Cache
If WhatsApp still won’t open, you can try clearing the cache in the app. This cache is actually data that is temporarily stored in the app.

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4. Clear data in WhatsApp App
Data on WhatsApp that is full can also trigger your account cannot be opened. However, before deleting data on WhatsApp, you should already do a backup.

To clean, just need to go to: Settings > Application Manager > Find the WhatsApp application and press the Clear Cache or Clear Data button.

5. Restart Your Phone
If all the methods above have not worked, try restarting. By restarting, you are trying to restart the entire system on your android to work normally.

6. Re-download WhatsApp
This is the last way to solve the WhatsApp error. How to open the settings on your Android to uninstall WhatsApp. If you have run all the solutions above but WhatsApp still can’t be opened, try deleting the WhatsApp application from the cellphone, then install the application again.


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