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How to Change Free Fire FF Name Practically with 6 Steps!

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How to change the name of Free Fire FF can be done using diamonds or certain items. Photo: Garena doc

JAKARTA – How to rename Free Fire FF can be done in a few easy steps. Survivors—as Free Fire players call it, can do it using diamonds or the “Name Change Card” item. In this case, the item can be purchased at the shop in the Free Fire game.

Nicknames in the Free Fire game are one of the important concerns of the players. In this case, FF players want to have a cool name for their account to be different from the others.

In addition, the players also used to change the name of FF because they were bored with the previous name.

To change the name in the Free Fire game, you can use the “Name Change Card” item for 390 diamonds.

Or, you can use the Redeem Guild Token for those of you who have already joined a guild. When using the redeem guild token, you only need to issue 200 guild tokens.

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Here’s how to change names in a practical and easy way for Free Fire FF players:

1. Open the Free Fire game on the device. Wait for it to enter the game page.

2. On the Free Fire main page, enter the profile menu. The menu is in the upper left corner or the part of your profile photo.

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