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Lying While Playing Reward Zone, Can Get Money Every Day

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Traveloka Reward Zone, you can earn money every day.

JAKARTA – Who says lying down is a waste of time and can’t make money? The proof is, by playing in the Traveloka Reward Zone, you can earn money every day. How, by playing money making games which can be accessed easily on the Traveloka application.

So, to find out more about the Reward Zone and how to earn money while lying down, see the following review.

Brief Description of Reward Zone
One of the innovations introduced by Traveloka as a lifestyle superapp is the Reward Zone. You can see and try this feature when using the Traveloka application on your cellphone. The trick is to select the Reward Zone button at the bottom right of the application.

The Reward Zone feature is intended for the lay generation who wants to make money (in the form of points) without the hassle of leaving the house. The fact is, you can play Reward Zone anywhere and anytime. However, of course the most comfortable playing various games while relaxing at home.

By playing in the Reward Zone, you can collect Traveloka Points without making transactions or for free. The conditions are very easy, which is to complete the existing mission perfectly. Each user can earn up to 200,000 Traveloka Points every week.

Interestingly, every day there are new themes to try. This makes users not feel bored while playing, even more challenged to complete missions. The more often you play and successfully complete the mission, the more points you can collect.

The points earned can be used for various user needs. By using these points, you have the opportunity to enjoy various discounts and attractive promos at Traveloka that suit your needs.

No need to doubt, the Reward Zone is suitable for those of you who like to spend time playing games. While lying down and relaxing, you can get points whose value is not kidding. This is a way to make money with a millennial style.

How to Make Money with Reward Zone
So, how do you make money while lying down in the Reward Zone? The first thing you need to do is download and install the Traveloka application on your cellphone. You must log in to your Traveloka account to get rewards. If you don’t have an account yet, create one by following a few easy steps.

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