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Vodafone Targeted by Hackers, 200 GB of Data Stolen

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The Lapsus hacker group has launched its action again and targeted the telecommunications company Vodafone. Photo/doc

LONDON – After attacking NVidia and Samsung, the group hacker Lapsus$ again launched its action by targeting the telecommunications company Vodafone. In this action Lapsus$ managed to control 200GB of Vodafone’s important data.

Vodafone admitted that at this time it was still conducting an in-depth investigation. The British telecommunications company has not yet been able to confirm the existence of a data leak.

“We and law enforcement are investigating claims Lapsus$ managed to infiltrate the system, at this point we cannot comment on the credibility of these claims,” ​​Vodafone said in a statement.

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“However, what we can say is that generally the repository types referenced in the claims contain proprietary source code and do not contain customer data.”

Group Lapsus$ himself said he had managed to master Vodafone’s important data up to 200GB, as reported by TechradarSaturday (12/3/2022).

Unfortunately it was not told whether a virus or ransomware was used in the attack. It is not yet clear whether Vodafone’s data can be returned to the company by way of redemption.

Previously reported, Lapsus$ also claimed to have managed to steal Samsung’s data up to 190GB. The stolen data includes secret codes and details of Trusted Applets on Samsung’s TrustZone platform.

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