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Twitter Delete Russian Embassy Tweet About Attack on Hospital Hoaks

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Twitter has removed two posts by the Russian Embassy in London. Photo/Twitter

LONDONTwitter has removed two posts by the Russian Embassy in London claiming the bombing of a Ukrainian hospital by Russian forces had been faked. Mariupol hospital was attacked on Wednesday 9 March 2022 which left three people dead.

In a tweet, the embassy claimed that the information conveyed by the media was false. Because at the time of the incident the hospital was no longer operating. But officials at the embassy did not provide evidence to support their claims.

To BBC, Friday (11/3/2022), Twitter said that the tweet violated the rules regarding the denial of violent events. The BBC’s disinformation team has also found evidence that contradicts the Russian embassy’s claims.

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The embassy claimed the hospital had not been operating for a long time. But a post a week ago on a Facebook page, hospitals asked for fuel to keep them running.

A report from Mariupol Hospital last week also said that it was treating the victims of the bombing and that the maternity ward had been moved to the basement.

Allegations that a beauty blogger was used to fake photos of pregnant women at the scene were also questioned. Because the woman in question, who lives in the city, looks heavily pregnant in the Instagram post dating from last month.

Claims that a bomb attack on a hospital in Ukraine broke out on the messaging app Telegram a day after the incident. Then the incident was brought up in state television news bulletins and discussion programs.

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All of these claims continue to circulate online, even though the tweet has been deleted. The pregnant beauty blogger’s Instagram account is now the target of online trolls and conspiracy theorists.

Despite deleting the tweet, Twitter has not banned several accounts linked to the Russian government, including Vladimir Putin’s official Twitter account. The Russian embassy account also remains active.


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