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Russia Threatens America, Starting from Reluctant to Pick Up US Astronauts in Space to Dropping the ISS

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Report of the West Java Tribune Journalist Adi Sasono

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, UNITED STATES – The enmity between Russia and the United States as a result of the military attack on Ukraine has spread to outer space.

US astronaut Mark Vande Hei on duty at the International Space Station (ISS) is in danger of not being able to return to earth, March 30, 2022, because his pick-up team threatened not to leave.

The pick-up team were two Russian cosmonauts aboard a Soyuz.

The head of Roscosmos (Russian space agency), Dmitry Rogozyn, threatened not to pick up the 55-year-old astronaut.

In fact, as quoted from MailOnline, Rogozyn threatened to throw the ISS to earth.

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This action was taken by Rogozyn in retaliation for the US stance against Russia’s military action in Ukraine.

Rogozyn, who is close to Russian President Vladimir Putin, made the threat via Twitter.

Rogozyn threatens to leave Vande alone on the ISS, then relinquish the parts that belong to Russia.

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