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Russia Bombards Military Base in Lviv Region near Poland, Eight Missiles Fired

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TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Russian airstrikes hit the Center for International Peace and Security (IPSC) near the northwestern city of Lviv on Sunday (3/13/2022) morning local time, according to the press office of the Lviv regional government.

Reported CNN LiveIPSC is a large military base that includes a training center for soldiers, mainly for peacekeeping missions.

According to preliminary data, Russia fired eight missiles near Lviv, the regional government said.

Officials are looking into whether there were any casualties.

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The Z symbol can often be seen on Putin’s tanks and killing machines entering Ukraine. (East2West)

Meanwhile, reports Al Jazeera said the air strike was launched on a Ukrainian military base near the Polish border.

“The invaders launched air strikes on the International Center for the Maintenance of Peace and Security. According to preliminary data, they fired eight missiles,” the government said in a statement.

The military base is known to be less than 25 km from the Polish border.

The Russian airstrike on a military base near Lviv comes as Putin’s forces are expanding their offensive in Ukraine to the west.

Last Friday, President Vladimir Putin’s troops attacked an airport in Ukraine’s far west that had previously been spared the conflict.

As a result, the airport in Lutsk in northwestern Ukraine, about 70 miles from the Polish border, suffered major damage.

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