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Looking Ageless, This is a Different Style of Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte in ‘And Just Like That’ | Beautynesia

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Photo: Looks Ageless, This is a Different Style Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte in 'And Just Like That'/ Location Tours
Photo: Looks Ageless, This is a Different Style Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte in ‘And Just Like That’/ Location Tours

End of series And Just Like That on HBO Max made the audience curious about the continuation of the story of three friends, Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes, and Charlotte York. Not just a story, the charm of a style that spoils the eye is increasingly anticipated, Beauties. Interestingly, many of fashion items the ones used in the first season are designer items preloved. Apart from using fashion items already in the series, costume designers Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago teamed up with thrift shop to curate wardrobe.

Wearing things preloved The eccentric is still suitable for the New Yorker trio to wear at a young age. Yes, And Just Like That filled with costumes fashion which actually makes the players look younger. Let’s see the different styles of Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes, and Charlotte York!

Carrie Bradshaw

Photo: What Wear UK
Style Carrie Bradshaw/

Style Carrie Bradshaw/ Photo: What Wear UK

In the story, the fictional character Carrie Bradshaw is 55 years old. But from the number of costumes he wore, the team wardrobe brought youth to the New York-based journalist in the form of outfit eclectic, cheerful and bold. The play of color and texture is often shown by Carrie in her OOTD. Even though using the majority of colors basicit still gives a touch of light color as playful twist.

And Just Like That pack a lot outfit Carrie’s icons, from dramatic tulle dresses and skirts, multi-colored coordination, to quirky accessories and edgy like using 2 crossbody bags, studded belt Carrie’s favorite, or a pink bag topped with tulle accents. She doesn’t look 55 in those outfits, does she?

Miranda Hobbes

Photo: Zoe Report
Style Miranda Hobbes/

Style Miranda Hobbes/ Photo: Zoe Report

Played by Cynthia Nixon, Miranda Hobbes brings style fashion with a different impression. Her assertive, feminist, and liberal character is also displayed in a relatively safe, comfortable, and dynamic style.

Even so, it’s not uncommon for Miranda to be seen fabulous on certain occasions. For example, dressing jumpsuit maroon accent rhinestones on the waist for hangout at night or long clothes like plaid shirt dress combined with a belt that seems to be go-to style. Besides, hairstyle pixie cut give it a fresh and youthful without having to cover the natural color of the hair.

Charlotte York-Goldenblatt

Photo: News
Charlotte York Style/

Style Charlotte York/ Photo: News

Mother of two, Charlotte York is the definition of the modern modern mother. The woman, played by Kristin Davis, often wears very feminine clothes. Charlotte’s OOTD is made up of bright colors and designs vintage making him look much younger than 54 years old. Example blouse with puff sleeve, flowy dress, low v-neck shirt paired with pleated skirt polka dots and belt. Vintage, elegant, and girly!

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