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DJ Koo Marries Barbie Hsu to SM Idol Rich Only Child!

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Many SM Entertainment idols are dubbed as rich only children by their fans. Besides, do you know the profile of DJ Koo, Barbie Hsu’s new husband?

Curious about the full article? Come on, take a look at the 5 most popular Korean entertainment articles throughout Tuesday (8/3/2022) at IDN Times #TimeKorea below!

1. Portrait of DJ Koo, Barbie Hsu’s new husband who is CLBK after 20 years

DJ Koo (

Having been in love 20 years ago, Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu has registered her marriage with singer from South Korea, Koo Jun Yup or who is familiarly called DJ Koo. Check out a collection of DJ Koo’s portraits here.

2. SM Entertainment idols who are nicknamed rich only children

DJ Koo Marries Barbie Hsu to an SM Idol Who Is Called Rich Only ChildGiselle and Ningning aespa ( | NCT’s Jaemin (

The nickname of the only rich child is usually given to idols who are the only children from an established family. From NCT’s Jaemin to Ningning aespa, check out 10 SM Entertainment idols nicknamed the only rich child by their fans here!

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3. Recommendations for Korean dramas that can be watched after Juvenile Justice

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Editor’s picks

DJ Koo Marries Barbie Hsu to an SM Idol Who Is Called Rich Only Childdrama poster All of Us Are Dead and Juvenile Justice (

Netflix original Korean series titled Juvenile Justice is a legal drama that touches a lot on social issues around children and adolescents. If you like dramas that tell about the law for children, check out other drama reviews here!

4. Korean drama that deals with juvenile crime

DJ Koo Marries Barbie Hsu to an SM Idol Who Is Called Rich Only ChildJuvenile Justice drama poster (

Many Korean dramas discuss the lives of teenagers. Not only about love, there is also a story about crimes committed by teenagers. Check out the drama collection here!

5. Previously the second lead, this artist became the first lead in KDrama 2022

DJ Koo Marries Barbie Hsu to an SM Idol Who Is Called Rich Only ChildHwang In Yeop and Chae Jong Hyeop ( |

Although not the main focus of a drama, the charactersecond lead often steal the attention of the audience and even become increasingly popular. Take a peek at Korean artists who have successfully acted as second lead and ready comeback as the main role here.

Those are the 5 best Korean entertainment news for Tuesday (8/3/2022). Don’t forget to follow the #TimeKorea IDN Times for the latest updates on Kpop and Korean dramas, OK!

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