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Portrait of Jennie at PFW 2022 to Top Visual Gen 4 Female Idol

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Jennie BLACKPINK caused a stir, because she looked stunning at Paris Fashion Week 2022. In addition, there is a list of 4th generation female idols who are rated by netizens as top visuals, who are they?

Curious about the full article? Come on, check out the 5 most popular Korean entertainment articles throughout Wednesday (9/3/2022) on IDN Times #TimeKorea below!

1. Portrait of BLACKPINK Jennie at Paris Fashion Week 2022

BLACKPINK’s Jennie (

BLACKPINK’s Jennie is again being discussed on social media thanks to her appearance at the Paris Fashion Week 2022 event. Jennie is present as global ambassador Chanel on Tuesday (8/3/2022). Look stunning, come on, see the portrait here!

2. Korean artists who donated to the Uljin Forest fire

Portrait of Jennie at PFW 2022 to Top Visual Gen 4 Female IdolLee Je Hoon, Hyun Bin, and Son Ye Jin ( |

South Korea is now in an uproar with the catastrophic forest fires that started in Uljin and spread to Gangwon and Gyeongsangbuk on Friday (4/3/2022). Korean artists also donated to help the victims. The amount is fantastic, check out the artists donating to the Uljin Forest fire here.

3. The reason why Song Kang often plays dramas on Netflix

Portrait of Jennie at PFW 2022 to Top Visual Gen 4 Female IdolSong Kang (

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Since 2019, Song Kang has been appearing in Netflix Korean dramas and series. So often, netizens have dubbed Song Kang the ‘Golden Child of Netflix’. I wonder why? Check out why here!

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4. The price of Kim Se Jeong’s dating outfit in the Korean drama A Business Proposal

Portrait of Jennie at PFW 2022 to Top Visual Gen 4 Female IdolKim Se Jeong at A Business Proposal (

Kim Se Jeong is currently starring in a drama A Business Proposal stole the attention of netizens, because of his good acting skills. In addition, the clothes that look luxurious when dating Ahn Hyo Seop also make netizens curious about the price. How much, huh? See more here!

5. This female idol is called the 4th generation of KPop’s top visuals

Portrait of Jennie at PFW 2022 to Top Visual Gen 4 Female IdolWonyoung IVE, Sullyoon NMIXX, and Winter aespa ( | |

In addition to dancing to singing talents, K-Pop idols also have visuals that spoil the eye. In fact, netizens have even discussed in online communities about the stunning visuals of this generation’s idols. Check out the list of female Kpop idols who entered the top visual in generation 4 here.

Those are the 5 best Korean entertainment news for Wednesday (9/3/2022). Don’t forget to follow the #TimeKorea IDN Times for the latest updates on Kpop and Korean dramas, OK!

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