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These 7 Artists Have Been KPop MV Models

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In music videos (MV) belonging to groups to Korean soloists, often involving models in it to support the storyline of the video or song. Not infrequently, they work with actors and actresses. So, did you know yet? These 7 newest KDrama player artists, have been a KPop MV model, you know. Anyone? Listen below, yes!

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1. Nam Joo Hyuk

Nam Joo Hyuk who is currently starring in the latest drama Twenty Five Twenty One, apparently has been a model in 3 MV K-Pop songs. He became a student in MV ‘Give Love’ and ‘200%’ belongs to AKMU (Akdong Musician). Nam Joo Hyuk was also present in the MV ‘Chocolate’ belongs to Kang Nam ft. San E.

2. Park Min Young

In drama Forecasting Love and WeatherPark Min Young became lead female and paired with Song Kang. While in MV ‘Haru Haru’ belonging to BIG BANG, Park Min Young became G-Dragon’s lover and loved him till the end. Not only that, Park Min Young is also a model in the MV ‘Don’t Say Good Bye’ belongs to Kim Young Jin and ‘A Love Story’ owned by Gavy NJ.

3. Kim Min Kyu

Kim Min Kyu managed to get the attention of netizens thanks to his appearance as a secretary in the drama A Business Proposal. However, who would have thought that Kim Min Kyu was the actor behind the male figure in the MV crazy’ belongs to soloist Lim Jeong Hee. He also appeared as a model in the MV Run (Everland Version)’ Younha’s, you know.

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4. Seol In Ah

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Still in drama A Business Proposal, Seol In Ah has also been a model in several Kpop MVs. He first became a model in the MV ‘I Miss You’ belongs to Say Yes. Then in 2016, Seol In Ah starred in the MV ‘To See’ belongs to Lee Sung Wook and MV ‘still’ owned by boy group 24K. The actress is also present in the MV ‘DND (Do Not Disturb)’ owned by John Park.

5. Jo Bo Ah

Jo Bo Ah is currently starring in a drama Military Prosecutor Doberman with actor Ahn Bo Hyun. In 2016, he collaborated with BTOB in the music video ‘Remember That’. In the MV, Jo Bo Ah becomes Minhyuk’s lover.

6. Han So Hee

Han So Hee appears with short hair in MV Tell Me What To Do’ owned by boy group SHINEE. Not only that, she also looks elegant in a white dress in the MV ‘That Girl’ belongs to Jung Yong Hwa. In 2018, Han Soo Hee co-starred in the MV The Hardest Part’ belongs to Roy Kim and music video song ‘You and I’ belongs to Melomance. Now, it’s ready comeback drama with Park Hyung Sik in the series Disneyplus #1 Soundtracks.

7. Lee Soo Hyuk

One agency, Lee Soo Hyuk modeled in MV ‘Falling In Love’ and ‘It Hurts’ belongs to 2NE1. This actor and model is also present in the MV ‘Whoz That Girl’ belongs to EXID as well as MV ‘Monorail Of Night’ belongs to XXX. Not only that, he and Park Min Young became a couple in the MV ‘A Love Story’ owned by Gavy NJ. In this year, Lee Soo Hyuk will be the grim reaper in the drama tomorrow which will soon air on March 25.

Not infrequently actors and actresses participate in music videos for K-Pop musicians. Their presence in the MV is often not noticed by the fans. Have you watched the MV, haven’t you?

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