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10 Korean Artists Use Random Numbers on IG Accounts

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Letters, numbers, periods, and underscores can be combined to create username Instagram. Therefore, we have many options to vary it.

If you want to enter numbers on username, some people usually choose from the date, month, or year of birth. It is different with the following Korean artists, the numbers they use seem random and their meaning has not been revealed to the public.

1. Ha Ji Won celebrates birthday every June 28. The drama star Secret Garden (2010 – 2011) chose @hajiwon1023 as his IG username

2. The number in Han Ji Hyun’s username @hanjiji54 also doesn’t show the date of birth. He will make a comeback with the drama Cheer Up, here

3. Not only the date of birth, Im Soo Hyang also didn’t include his name in the username @hellopapa11

4. There is also a GOT7 member from China, namely Jackson Wang. He diligently greets fans via Instagram @jacksonwang852g7

5. Born on November 18, 1991, Jung Jinyoung chose the username @jinyoung0423 for his personal Instagram account

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6. Coming soon with Lee Jong Suk and Yoona in the drama Big Mouse, Kwak Dong Yeon earned 3.2 million followers on @kwakdongyeon0

7. On Lee Jong Suk’s Instagram @jongsuk0206, the comments column can only be accessed by his followers

8. Lee Yoo Mi is popular thanks to Squid Game and All of Us Are Dead. You can update about it via Instagram @leeyoum262

9. The 2013 figure on Park Seo Joon’s IG @bn_sj2013 is still a mystery. The reason is, the actor was born on December 16, 1988

10. Senior actor Son Hyun Joo chose the number 1000 to sweeten his IG account name. He has been actively acting since 1991, you know

Every Instagram user has their own considerations in choosing username they. Like the artists above, it’s possible that the numbers they use have special meanings, right?

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