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Hackers threaten to disclose 150,000 Japanese Denso data to the public

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TRIBUNNEWS.COM, TOKYO – Hackers (hackers) issued a threat to auto parts manufacturer Toyota group Denso that they will disclose the stolen confidential information of 150,000 data if Denso does not pay a ransom.

According to information security firm Mitsui Bussan Secure Direction, a cybercrime group called “Pandora Data Leak” made its statement via social media.

According to the statement, DENSO’s allegedly stolen more than 150,000 confidential information such as purchase orders and pictures, and believed to use a virus called ransomware, demanded a ransom.

It was not disclosed to the press how much ransom the criminal group wanted.

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Regarding ransomware, in February 2022, Toyota Motor’s business partner, Kojima Industries’ internet network, crashed, and Toyota’s domestic factory was temporarily suspended for more than 1 day.

“Denso contacted us on March 13, and so far no effect on Toyota,” Toyota Motor said in a statement.

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