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Figure of Kate Konlin, Israeli Model & Lover of Simon Leviev The Tinder Swindler | coil

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Kate Konlin, Israeli model who reportedly loves Simon Leviev. Photo: @kate_konlin

The figure of Simon Leviev is being discussed after appearing in the Netflix documentary, The Tinder Swindler. The Israeli man is said to have cheated many women for his own benefit via dating apps on lineTinder.

In fact, he was also accused of causing material and psychological harm when pretending to be rich while using his victims’ money. In the film, there are three women who are said to be Simon’s victims. The three women are Cecilie Fjellhoy, Pernilla Sjoholm, and Ayleen Charlotte.

The man whose real name is Shimon Heyada Hayut has been jailed several times for tricking a number of women. Since his release, he is reportedly in a relationship with a Russian model named Polina who also appears in the documentary.

However, a few months ago, it was revealed that Simon was in a relationship with another model named Kate Konlin. Their relationship was revealed from social media and interviews that Kate had done.

Get to know Kate Konlin

quote South China Morning PostKate Konlin is a model from Israel who has appeared in several well-known fashion magazines, such as Vogue to L’Officiel Paris.

In an interview with Israel magazine Mako in July 2021, Kate revealed the moment she first met Simon. The two reportedly did not meet on Tinder, but through social media.

Kate admitted, Simon contacted her via Instagram in November 2020. Since then, Simon has been in contact with Kate for four months before they finally met.

The model also admitted that she knew her boyfriend’s past and reputation, because Simon had told him everything. “He’s not hiding anything from me, it was important to me that I knew all about him from the start,” Kate told the magazine Mako in 2021.

It was also stated that Simon had never cheated or asked for money from Kate, but it was Kate who was often given many gifts by Simon. Because of that, Kate does not believe that Simon has ever committed the crime he was accused of.

“The amount of money they (the victim) said was the same as the gifts Simon bought me. It doesn’t make sense, why should he take tens of thousands of US dollars from a woman when he can spend that amount for his daily needs? It doesn’t make sense,” Kate defended.

Kate also insisted that Simon was making his money legally. In fact, Kate also admitted that Simon has a business in the property sector and he often visits business training events held by his girlfriend. When interviewed Radar Online in 2021, Kate said that no participant had left her class because Simon’s explanation was very interesting.

Still in interview with Radar Online, Kate admitted that she was no longer in a romantic relationship with Simon because of their busy lives. Even so, the two are reportedly still on good terms as friends.

However, recently, the couple was spotted together again and flaunted their closeness on Instagram Stories. The post immediately sparked rumors that Kate and Simon were back in a relationship.

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