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Disappointed by his unfair attitude, Henry Lau condemned by KNetz

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PeekCeleb – Recently, Henry Lau attracted the public’s attention with various negative comments demeaning China and Korea. Henry’s actions were also criticized for being unfair in responding to comments from netizens.

Deleting comments demeaning China, but allegedly allowing negative comments about Korea, Henry Lau was eventually denounced. Come on, take a look at the complete information below!

Henry Lau Judged Unfair


Photo: Various Sources

Henry Lau has come under fire for unfairly responding to a disparaging response to China and Korea. This is known when netizens compactly make posts in online communities such as TheQoo and Fmkorea.

Various photos of negative comments about China and Korea have been published in the community. Reporting from Wikitree, the upload contains negative comments written in Korean as if translated using a translation application.

Some comments demean Korea, such as calling Korea a vassal state of China. Then, there are also those who demeaned China until February 21 with harsh sentences.

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