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Chinese man hides the DNA test results of the child to be adopted, wife is shocked after knowing the facts

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TRIBUNNEWS.COM, CHINA – For years in the household, Zhang from Ningbo City, Zheijang Province, China was not immediately blessed with a child because his wife was barren.

The wife was sincere if in the end it would be divorced but Zhang chose to adopt a child.

Unfortunately, Zhang’s adopted child is the result of his illicit relationship with his ex-girlfriend in the village.

Launching from, this was revealed from the results of a DNA test.

At first, the wife felt admiration and emotion for Zhang because even though she was matched, the woman felt that she had found an extraordinary man.

Zhang’s wife initially intended to adopt a child from an orphanage but it turned out that her husband had other plans.

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Zhang suggested that they adopt two children from his hometown.

To his wife, Zhang admitted that the children were the children of distant relatives and the children were less fortunate and deprived.

The wife finally agreed and they also prepared a number of conditions to adopt a child.

Including Zhang and his wife had to undergo a DNA test procedure to ensure that there was no blood relationship between them.

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