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Chinese government accuses US of lying, dismisses Russian issue asking for help in invasion of Ukraine

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TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The Chinese government immediately clarified the news circulating regarding Russia’s request to the Bamboo Curtain Country to help in the invasion of Ukraine.

As reported, the issue is that Russia asked Beijing for help in providing military assistance in Ukraine.

The BBC reported that the news prompted the US to warn Beijing.

If aid is given to Russia, Beijing will face consequences.

However, China calls it disinformation.

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At a press conference in Beijing, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman accused Washington of spreading lies about China’s role in the war.

The spokesman stressed that China had taken a constructive role in pressing for peace and called for negotiations.

The war that took place in Ukraine entered its 19th day, Monday (14/3/2022).

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, Thursday (24/2/2022), millions of Kyiv residents from various cities have fled.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has again urged NATO to implement a no-fly zone.

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