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Bareksa Targets Customers with a Minimum Wealth of 14.3 Billion

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Jakarta, IDN Times – Financial technology company (fintech) Bareksa launched a special feature for high net worth (HNW) customers, namely customers who have financial assets of at least Rp. 14.3 billion.

Bareksa Co-Founder Karaniya Dharmasaputra said the feature, named Bareksa Prioritas, was present because he saw growth opportunities for the fintech industry in the HNW segment.

“HNW customers usually have experience in investing, but conventionally. But they need a faster service because they are usually very active,” Karaniya said when met at the launch of Bareksa Prioritas in Seribu Rasa, South Jakarta, Thursday (30/8).

1. Cooperate with investment advisor

IDN Times/Lucia Vania

For the high segment of society, the role of investment advisor is traditionally more needed when it comes to financial management.

“There are times when investors will face significant investment risks, thus involving their emotions, worries and fears. This is the main point where the role of traditional investment advisors is still very much needed to provide logical consultation, as well as provide emotional assistance to investors,” said Co-Founder and Chairman of Jagartha Advisors Ari Adil.

Therefore, Bareksa cooperates with investment advisory company Jagartha Advisors to provide personal advice services in the Bareksa Prioritas feature.

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2. Reaching 111 thousand high net worth individuals (HNWI) in Indonesia

Bareksa Targets Customers with a Minimum Wealth of 14.3 BillionIDN Times/Lucia Vania

The Credit Suisse Research Institute report at the end of 2017 noted that as many as 111,000 Indonesians were included in the HNWI category. This figure is predicted to increase by more than 10 percent annually in the future.

Karaniya is optimistic, with the combination of the human approach and technology approach given in the Priority Bareksa, the number of HNWI population in Indonesia can grow.

“I think it is not impossible that from the current 111,000, hopefully in the next 2-3 years we will have mutual fund investors in the HNW category with a total of more than 1 million investors,” Karaniya said.

3. Investments start from IDR 5 billion

Bareksa Targets Customers with a Minimum Wealth of 14.3 BillionIDN Times/Lucia Vania

To be able to enjoy the Bareksa Prioritas feature, prospective customers need to prepare a minimum of IDR 5 billion. The services provided include research reports, special technology features, customer loyalty programs and access to consultations with investment advisors.

“I see there is a good opportunity in the digital landscape, financial technology will always develop. We are required to be more transparent and must provide instant transaction advice,” said Karaniya.

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