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10 Tips for Starting a Food Truck Business to Sell Well

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In Indonesia, especially in big cities, the food business never dies. Moreover, food is also a basic need of every human being, so it is not surprising that this business never runs out of customers.

In order not to lose competition, culinary businessmen continue to innovate. One of their innovations is selling food using vehicles with attractive designs. This food business is commonly referred to as food trucks.

food trucks itself has the concept of selling food through a large car, which has a small kitchen to prepare food. In Western countries like America, food trucks it is very common. Uniquely, because in a car, food trucks can also change its location.

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1. What food or drink do you want to sell

Illustration of breaking fast together (IDN Times/Anata)

In selling food, I don’t know food trucks, restaurants, or other business models, products or food and beverages are the most important things that you should pay attention to. For food trucksgenerally more to ready-to-eat foods or those that are easy to prepare, given the limited space.

2. Designing specifications food truckshis

10 Success Tips for Starting a Food Truck Business to Sell

This is important, especially the kitchen utensils you need. For example, if you sell fried rice, of course you need a large skillet. However, if you sell hot dogyou don’t need a pan but a place grill small for meat. If it’s fries, then you need to provide deep fryer.

Or for example, you sell drinks and ice cream, is the cabin area enough for a box? cooler and special dispensers commonly used to sell, and so on.

3. Browse for design inspiration food trucks

10 Success Tips for Starting a Food Truck Business to Sell

You can easily browsing on the internet to see various designs food trucks. But remember, don’t plagiarize, OK! Design food trucks also vary, ranging from simple, cool to vintage. Also adjust to your type of food.

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4. Find a design expert food trucks trusted and experienced

10 Success Tips for Starting a Food Truck Business to Sell

Not many places that provide manufacturing services food trucks. So, try to find those who are experienced with food trucks. It’s better to spend a bit expensive at the beginning, than to make it carelessly and eventually you have to make a new one from scratch again at a higher cost.

5. The place where you want to sell with food trucks

10 Success Tips for Starting a Food Truck Business to Sell Mahmudov

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Everywhere if you want to sell, the place also affects the smooth running of your business. If the place is crowded, at least the more customer opportunities you can get.

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6. Getting permission from the place or rental procedure

10 Success Tips for Starting a Food Truck Business to Sell WellIllustration of the Agreement (IDN Times/Arief Rahmat)

In Indonesia, licensing food trucks still not very clear. So before “hanging out” or stopping to sell in a place, make sure it’s allowed and you don’t get into trouble.

It’s easy, just ask the local RT if it’s in a residential area, ask the mall clerk if it’s in a mall area, and ask the office if it’s in an office area, and so on.

7. Find out suppliers reliable for supplying raw materials

10 Success Tips for Starting a Food Truck Business to Sell Wellillustration of chili commodity in a traditional market. BETWEEN PHOTOS/Irwansyah Putra

You will be selling food, where before you need to find out who will be suppliers or suppliers for the raw materials. Because you can’t do it alone. seek suppliers with quality materials at an affordable price.

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8. Promote the business via social media

10 Success Tips for Starting a Food Truck Business to Sell Well(Application illustration) IDN Times/Auriga Agustina

It must be admitted, social media will play a big role in business food trucks-your. Especially now that people in Indonesia cannot be separated from social media. So, you also shouldn’t forget to promote on social media. Besides being easy, it’s also free!

9. Join a sales community food trucks

10 Success Tips for Starting a Food Truck Business to Sell Kerckx

There is already a community food trucks in Jakarta as well as other cities. Through this community, you can get the latest news about food trucksan ongoing festival, as well as an appointment to sell together which is certainly more exciting and fun.

10. Ensure that the processing and storage processes are concise

10 Success Tips for Starting a Food Truck Business To Sell Michael Henderson

Due to the limited space, it is not recommended to make food that is complicated and takes a long time to serve. The reason is, this will make it difficult for yourself as well as not be profitable. Adjust inner capacity food trucksand choose simple foods that are liked by many people.

The food truck business capital is not too big and is perfect for those of you who are looking for business inspiration. The preparation is also very easy and not complicated, right?

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