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These 7 Steps to a Financial Diet Can Make You Rich Quickly

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Have you ever been in a position that really needed money, but it turned out that you didn’t have the savings for such an emergency? Surely you will feel confused, you have two options, namely borrowing from friends or parents.

Well, before something like that happens or happens again, you better start doing a financial ‘diet’! What is a financial ‘diet’? You have to be able to balance your expenses and income.

Now, IDN Times have ways to make your financial ‘diet’ work and get maximum results in one month!

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1. Start with your own finances

Money illustration. IDN Times/Zainul Arifin

Money is the main key to buy and get things. When you can’t manage this finance well. So, you are sure to be in trouble.

  • Okay, it’s time for you to divide your money into important parts. For example, when you get paid or receive a message from your parents, separate some money into several parts. You will have a share of mandatory payments, savings and fulfillment of needs.
  • From the fulfillment section you divide again in four envelopes for each week for one month. Well, mark the envelope according to the date this envelope may be opened. For example, every new Tuesday you can open and use the money.
  • So, with these financial arrangements, you can control yourself to use money. So you don’t hold a lot of money in your wallet at once. So you can limit yourself every week.

2. The important thing in life, food

These 7 Steps to a Financial Diet Can Make You Rich QuicklyIllustration of food ingredients (IDN Times/Irma Yudistirani)

One of the primary elements in our life. It will be difficult when you think you have to eat less. Especially when your favorite fried rice brothers pass by. However, you have to start strengthening yourself by…

  • In your four-week financial ‘diet’, you can start with weekly shopping. However, shopping this time was different. You should really limit yourself to food and necessities that are only for one week. Suppose you have the ability to cook, then buy vegetables or other food ingredients, as well as instant noodles for one week. You can start by cooking vegetables in the first three days. Then, if you are bored, combine it with instant noodles or other side dishes. However, remember, the side dish you use is the one you bought during the week.
  • Well, the next one is the little things that we think are cheap, but weigh you down. Yes! snacks or snacks. Especially if you like snacking, this is a way that you really have to explore. You have to be able to control yourself to reduce buying it. Why is that? Think about how many snacks you’ve bought so far, filling your stomach, but draining your pocket. In addition, you can also do a real diet too so that your body is more ideal.
  • When there’s no snacks, you will definitely feel there is an empty space that must be filled right? So, start setting a good eating schedule based on the amount of your weekly shopping. For example, you can eat three times a day with moderate portions. So every eight hours you won’t be so hungry anymore.
  • However, you must remember, don’t use the money in the envelope this week it runs out immediately. You have to be able to control yourself too. That’s why you have to really emphasize to yourself that ‘buy only what is needed!’.

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3. Many of your outfits are definitely still decent!

These 7 Steps to a Financial Diet Can Make You Rich Brown

You also have to really pay attention to the clothes problem, you know! You must still have plenty of decent clothes that you can wear. In what way? Here it is!

  • You can try to match your old clothes and pants again. The colors are still good and the condition is still intact you can use again. You can also add accessories that you have not used for a long time.
  • The problem with the current trend, don’t just go along with it. Refrain, like spending on food. Don’t spend money on needs that you don’t necessarily have to update. Trends do not have to be new, the important thing is that you are good at matching whatever is there.
  • Are you aware that we are currently in the post-modern era, where conditions seem to return to old trends. From haircuts to clothes. Well, you can take advantage of opportunities like this by saving your old clothes. Just keep it with camphor so it doesn’t smell bad. When the old fashion trends reappear later, you don’t need to buy anymore because you already have them.
  • Because clothes are only to ‘wrap’ yourself. There are still many other important needs that you must fulfill. Don’t be fooled by massive discounts. The point is the same, even though the price is cheap, but in large quantities. Your pockets will also be drained.

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4. Apart from clothes, shoes or footwear, you can also store them carefully

These 7 Steps to a Financial Diet Can Make You Rich Nhân

You definitely need footwear for everywhere. So this is also one of the crucial things.

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  • If you still have good shoes, but they look dull, don’t throw them away. You can clean them, so you don’t have to spend a fortune on a new pair of shoes, either.
  • If sandals are easy, use them well. If you can take care of it, sandals can be used for a long time.

5. Hangout locations and unnecessary walks, don’t visit too often!

These 7 Steps to a Financial Diet Can Make You Rich QuicklyUnsplash/Helena Lopes

Imagine, how much money have you spent on these locations? This is one of the unnecessary expenses that costs a lot.

  • Start less visiting malls. Being at home or boarding house while accessing the internet and watching is not a problem.
  • Then trouble coffee shop. The location is comfortable and fun. However, you don’t need to go there often and spend a lot of money.
  • Unexpected impromptu tourist locations like you to Bandung, Puncak, or other locations that you think are close and will not cost money. It is precisely the unexpected that ultimately forces you to spend some money in order to complete your trip.
  • Watch at the cinema? If the film isn’t good and catches your attention, then don’t bother! When you just go to the cinema just because you’re bored. Then, your finances will start to fall apart again. Watching what you don’t have to do will make it more difficult for you.

Especially now, during the PSBB period, you can no longer go to some locations such as the cinema to hangout. Even at the cafe you can only buy it to be wrapped and taken home. Well, this is the right time to save!

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6. Also reduce spending on line starting from now

These 7 Steps to a Financial Diet Can Make You Rich QuicklyIllustration of E-commerce Shopping (IDN Times/Arief Rahmat)

In an era that is all easy with the presence and great function of the internet, shopping has become very easy. It must be admitted, especially the items and unique knick-knacks seen from the photos on the Instagram account.

  • Start seeing less sites and selling accounts on line. Only see this when you need to. This first step will indeed be difficult, especially if you are a hobbyist.
  • Remember, the photo is used to get your attention. Therefore, strengthen yourself not to glance at selling online.

7. You can continue your hobby when your finances are stable

These 7 Steps to a Financial Diet Can Make You Rich QuicklySavings Illustration (IDN Times/Mardya Shakti)

Everyone has a hobby, from collecting things to doing certain activities. So what you can do is..

  • Suppose you have a hobby of collecting jerseys or action figures at a price that is not cheap. Start reducing and avoid buying. You can start leaving certain groups on social media that sell these items. You have to be able to hold yourself back. Distribute your hobby money for more important needs, such as for food and saving for the future.
  • Set aside the money can be done at once. For example, really block spending on this expensive hobby of yours. You try to control yourself by telling yourself “a hobby you can continue when your finances are stable”. Keep things like that in your mind.
  • Do you like sports? It’s healthy, but renting a location and equipment that is not cheap will be an unexpected expense that will drain your pocket. You can start by reducing the frequency of the exercise and replacing it with something else. For example, you who used to go to the gym can now run around the block or do sports at home. It’s drastic, but look at your finances, it will definitely improve.

8. Get rid of cigarette money

These 7 Steps to a Financial Diet Can Make You Rich

You are a smoker, are you aware that it is one of the extra weight for your finances? You add tens of thousands per week. Meanwhile you can use those tens of thousands to eat and save.

  • Reduce or eliminate smoking in your life. Besides being healthier, you also have more money to eat or save. Suppose you spend two packs in a week, reduce it by just one pack a week. Or you can also immediately eliminate smoking.
  • Suppose you are confused about how to avoid smoking, start by replacing the cigarette money with candy. You don’t need a lot, just spend 3,000 to 4,000 rupiah for candy. Replace cigarettes with candy.

Well, how? Ready to get started? Again, this requires your own will to do it!

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