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These 7 Simple Things Can Make You Save, It’s Not Difficult!

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Expenditure always greater than income? Looks like you have to start managing your finances better. If your habit is not immediately corrected, then you yourself will lose!

It is better to save on future expenses or other unforeseen expenses. If you are still overwhelmed with managing it, let’s follow the strict savings tips that have been summarized IDN Times the following!

1. Cooking at home

Illustration of food ingredients (IDN Times/Irma Yudistirani)

One of the habits that make it extravagant is often eating out of the house. For example, you eat at mallyour favorite restaurant or depot every day.

Try to get used to cooking at home. It will definitely save more! The price of cooking ingredients is also cheaper than a portion of food outside, you know.

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2. Shopping at traditional markets

These 7 Simple Things Can Make You Save, It's Not Difficult! IDN Times/Patiar Manurung

If you get used to cooking at home, then make it a habit to shop for ingredients at traditional markets. The price is more affordable and you can still bargain with the seller. Ingredients in modern markets or supermarkets are much more expensive and non-negotiable.

But at this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, you really have to follow the health protocols if you want to go to traditional markets. The problem is that there have been many cases of transmission due to people in the market who are not careful to ignore the rules of social distancing and maintaining cleanliness.

3. Bring supplies and drinking water from home

These 7 Simple Things Can Make You Save, It's Not Difficult! Dock. lifepal

If you go to school, college, or work, it’s better to bring lunch and drinking water from home. In addition to saving expenses, food from home is also healthier and safer to consume.

Not only food, it’s also better to bring drinking water from home. Although the price of a bottle of mineral water is very cheap, you will not realize how much money you have spent a month to buy it at the kiosk.

4. Save coins

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These 7 Simple Things Can Make You Save, It's Not Difficult! Illustration of saving (IDN Times/Arief Rahmat)

Do you often get a coin change? Do not be underestimated and placed carelessly. Coins are very valuable, you know! Your money will not even be Rp. 10 thousand if you only have Rp. 9,500 and do not have Rp. 500.

Save every coin you can. Without realizing it, your money can increase a lot. Coins are indeed a savior, right!

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5. Saving in a piggy bank

These 7 Simple Things Can Make You Save, It's Not Difficult! Illustration (IDN Times/Mia Amalia)

Choose a piggy bank well. Do not use a piggy bank with a hole to open it. Gather the intention to actually save in a tightly sealed piggy bank. This will help you save well and not be able to take a penny of your savings before they are full.

6. Shop for promo items

These 7 Simple Things Can Make You Save, It's Not Difficult! Unsplash/Daniel von Appen

If you stop by a minimarket or supermarket, try to see what promos are being offered. Promotional goods are not necessarily bad quality, really. It could be that the goods are indeed being marketed that way. Your expenses can also be minimized if you buy promo items that are really needed.

7. Take less walks

These 7 Simple Things Can Make You Save, It's Not Difficult! Doc. IDN Times/Istimewa

This one habit must also be reduced, here! Traveling too often will make you more wasteful. Every time you travel, you can spend a lot of money on things you don’t need.

If only you manage to reduce your walking habits, then your financial condition will also be safe! Your money will not run out quickly, let alone in vain. Especially during a pandemic like this, it seems that you are right to put the brakes on walking activities.

Intention and determination are really needed if you really want to get rid of your wasteful habits. What are you waiting for, let’s make it happen from now on!

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