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These 6 Investment Opportunities Must Be Tried Before Age 25

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Investing in youth is often forgotten. Enjoying youth, for some people, is considered a time to have fun and enjoy the money they have as they please. Actually, there’s nothing wrong with having fun while you’re young, but everything has to be kept under control.

In fact, because you are still young, you should start investing. If you just want to invest when you are old, then when will you enjoy the results? Instead of regretting it later, take a peek at the six types of investments you should try before you turn 25.

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1. Investment in education and relationships

(Educational illustration) IDN Times/Sukma Shakti

Don’t regret your youth by wasting education investment opportunities and connections. While in college, you can use these opportunities to build relationships very well.

After working, you can start raising capital to continue school again. Sure, investment in education will not lose at all.

2. Try to invest in starting a socialpreneur

These 6 Investment Opportunities You Must Try Before Age

Those of you who are active on social media must be familiar with the term socialpreneur. This is one form of investment that is currently trending among young people. Socialpreneur can be in the form of training to the community and empowering women.

For example, you train mothers to make batik, then the results are processed to be sold in cooperatives. You have participated in helping income for the residents, here.

3. Gold investment

These 6 Investment Opportunities You Must Try Before Age 25Noble Gold Illustration (IDN Times/Arief Rahmat)

One of the most risky investments is gold. If you have just graduated and are starting to enter the workforce with a steady income, setting aside money for gold investment every month is very useful. Try it.

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4. Deposit investment

These 6 Investment Opportunities You Must Try Before Age 25Illustration of Saving. (IDN Times/Aditya Pratama)

This is important for those of you who are less able to control finances well. You can choose a deposit investment in a bank you trust. So that your salary can be reduced automatically and entered into a special deposit account.

This investment has a lot of fans as well. Despite the shortcomings, your investment will still be in the form of money which at any time can decrease in value if there is excessive inflation.

5. Fixed income mutual funds

These 6 Investment Opportunities You Must Try Before Age 25Stock illustration (

“Sorry, I don’t want to take care of this, I don’t want to take care of that, I don’t know how to use it.” Rows of comments that will appear when young people are offered about investment. Even though in today’s internet era, everything you can learn is self-taught and only with desire. For example, fixed income mutual funds.

6. Invest in yourself

These 6 Investment Opportunities You Must Try Before Age 25Illustration of business/

You know what investments will never hurt you? Yes, invest in yourself. Do all the positive things you want and learn things.

While you have the income and opportunity, start taking skills courses. For example, such as foreign languages, driving, cooking, managing websites, automotive and so on. In today’s digital era, skills are the main capital.

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Remember, you only live once and don’t miss an investment opportunity. Old age is still a long time, but while you still have the energy and time, there is nothing wrong with preparing for the welfare of your old age from now on.

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