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AGT 2021 Participant Cancer Survivor, Nightbirde Passes Away

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Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Singer Jane Marczewski also known as Nightbirde and participant America’s Got Talent (AGT) who was a cancer survivor, died at the age of 31.

The news was announced by the Nightbirde family through a statement released Today on Tuesday (22/2) United States time.

Marczewski is said to have died on February 19 after battling cancer for the past four years.

“We, his family, are deeply saddened by his passing and his immeasurable loss,” the Marczewski family wrote in the statement.

“Those who knew him enjoyed his out-of-date character and sense of humour. He had a funny joke for every occasion, even if the joke was directed at him,” they continued.

Nightbirde’s popularity skyrocketed after appearing in the America’s Got Talent audition which aired in June 2021 and went viral on social media.

He who at that time had a short haircut admitted that he had a number of cancers in the lungs, spine, and liver.

“It’s very important that everyone knows I am much more than the bad things that have happened to me,” said Nightbirde, which was approved by the judges and audience after she revealed her health condition.

He then sang his self-made song, It’s Okay. The song tells the story of her struggle to get back up from adversity and believe that everything will be fine.

His sad voice with strong power was able to silence the audience and the America’s Got Talent judges.

Even Simon Cowell was taken aback as soon as the music stopped. The jury and the audience also gave a standing ovation to Nightbirde.



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