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Again, Theory Appears If Avril Lavigne Has Been Dead Since 2003 : Okezone Celebrity

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LOS ANGELES – The virtual world has been stirred up again by the re-circulation of the issue of Avril Lavigne’s death. In celebration of the 15th anniversary of the release of the song complicateda netizen again discussed the possibility that Avril had long died.

Reported BBCTuesday (16/5/2017), a Twitter user wrote a series tweets to support the theory of Avril’s death. One tweet said that Avril had actually died since 2003, shortly after the death of her grandfather.

Avril is claimed to have committed suicide 14 years ago after the death of her beloved grandfather. Due to suicide when his career was at the peak, the company decided to pay a woman named Melissa Vandella who looks like Avril to disguise herself as a bloody Canadian.

To support this theory, many put forward evidence that shows if the current Avril is not the real Avril. One of the evidences presented was Avril’s handwriting in the past and present which was different.

Although this is not the first time that the theory of Avril’s death has surfaced, neither the agency nor the family have provided any clarification. Avril’s own figure is currently still active as usual. Finally, Avril uploaded a post on Twitter celebrating Mother’s Day.


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