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9 Inspirations for Kim Bum’s Casual Outfit, Simple and Stylish Abis! | IDN Times

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9 Inspirations for Kim Bum’s Casual Outfit, Simple and Stylish Abis!

Kim Bum is one of the top actors from South Korea who has starred in many famous dramas, such as Boys Over Flowers, Tale of the Nine Taileduntil Law School. So fashion, the actor who was born July 7, 1989, always looks charming on various occasions. Actively greeting fans through his personal Instagram account, he often appears stylish with outfit casual.

You can make a reference in style, here are some inspirations outfit casual from the cool Kim Bum. Curious as to what? Just take a look at the picture below! Check this out!

1. You can mix and match a pastel purple hoodie with black jeans and white leather sneakers

2. The combination of a three tone parachute jacket and black sweatpants is suitable for those of you who want to look sporty

3. Anti-complicated! The combination of a navy sweatshirt and black trousers can be a comfortable outfit choice at home

4. The combination of a beige half zip jacket with a stripe motif, brown loose pants, and low cut sneakers you can’t miss.

5. This navy sweatshirt paired with beige trousers and black boots is perfect for those of you who want to try smart casual style

6. When hanging out, mix black jeans with a matching white t-shirt and leather sneakers. Wear a baseball cap to support your appearance

7. Monochrome nuance, white shirt and sneakers look cool combined with loose pants and matching black bucket hat

8. Plaid shirts with red nuances, a combination of white t-shirts and blue jeans are no less cool. The style is even more perfect with the addition of white slip on

9. An olive gray shirt can be the right outer choice to be combined with a white t-shirt, black jeans, and white sneakers from your collection

Well, those were nine inspirations outfit casual from Kim Bum. Hopefully it can add to your reference in style, yes!

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