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6 Hollywood Artists Who Have Charitable Foundations, Are Successful and Generous

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Being able to live in luxury and full of wealth, a series of Hollywood celebrities have not forgotten their obligation to share with others. In the midst of their busy schedules as the world’s top stars, they are still active in various social activities. In fact, a series of Hollywood artists have charitable foundations to help those in need.

Realizing the importance of generosity, they take advantage of the title public figures to spread kindness. Not a few who also set aside personal money to provide many good benefits for others.

So, who are these generous celebrities?

Hollywood Artists Who Have Charitable Foundations

1. Emma Watson


In real life, Emma Watson is indeed known as a smart woman and is active in various issues of women’s protection and gender equality. He is also known to be vocal about other social issues around him.

He even joined the event for the launch of the HeForShe campaign at the UN headquarters, New York along with other artists. He always actively advocates for equal rights to inspire his colleagues to make changes.

Emma is also known as a Hollywood celebrity with her extraordinary work and always professional appearance. She is known to own a charitable foundation for women and children.

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2. Lady Gaga

Success and Generosity, These 6 Hollywood Artists Have Charitable Foundations

Known for her quirky appearance, world famous singer Lady Gaga also has a high caring nature. Apparently he has a Foundation called the Born This Way Foundation.

Through the Foundation, he wants to raise the life expectancy of children who have self-confidence. In addition, the Foundation also provides facilities so that young people can find their identity and not fall into the wrong path.

3. Leonardo DiCaprio


If the figure of this handsome actor is certainly no stranger to the ears of lovers of the Hollywood entertainment world. In addition to having a brilliant career as an actor, the figure of Leonardo DiCaprio also has a high social spirit.

He founded the Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation or LDF for short. Since its establishment in 1988, the Foundation has campaigned a lot on environmental sustainability.

This foundation has also actively voiced the sustainability of ecosystems that support the welfare of the earth’s inhabitants in the future.

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4. Matt Damon

Success and Generosity, These 6 Hollywood Artists Have Charitable Foundations

Actor Matt Damon also focuses on environmental sustainability. Through the Foundation he formed, he is committed to bringing clean water to the people of the world.

The foundation was formed at the same time as the documentary film “Running the Sahara” in 2009. Through the Foundation, he really wants concrete steps to end the international clean water crisis.

5. Elton John

Success and Generosity, These 6 Hollywood Artists Have Charitable Foundations

World-renowned rock musician, Elton John also contributed to building the Foundation. Yes, this musician is quite well known as a philanthropist who likes to do charity.

Each year, he raises millions of dollars to support the Foundation’s mission. The Foundation, which was founded in 1992, supports AIDS healing programs that focus on many sectors. Starting from the side of prevention, education, to full support for those diagnosed with AIDS.

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6. Hugh Jackman

Success and Generosity, These 6 Hollywood Artists Have Charitable Foundations

Having high popularity does not make the figure of Hugh Jackman forget to help others. With his privilege as an entertainer, he founded the Foundation to provide educational and entrepreneurial opportunities to thousands of people in need.

He founded a Foundation called The Laughing Man Foundation. Through his foundation, he supports the coffee farming community so that the lives of himself and his family become much better.

That’s a line of Hollywood artists who have charitable foundations. Already talented also have a high social spirit, yes!


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