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26 Years of Marriage, Legendary Host Admits Gay

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Legendary British emcee Phillip Schofield made a shocking confession. In his upload on Instagram, Phillip Schofield, who was married for 26 years, now admits to liking the same sex alias gay.

Although his life looks fine, Phillip Schofield admits he has had a number of problems.

“With the support of my wife and daughters, I admit that I am gay,” said Phillip Schofield.

The 57-year-old man also thanked his two children, Molly and Ruby, who still accept their father as he is.

Phillip Schofield’s wife, Stephanie, also fully supports her husband’s confession.

“My wife is the kindest person I have ever met,” said Phillip Schofield.

Phillip Schofield’s acknowledgment was apparently also supported by his colleagues at ITV as presenters This Morning. Phillip Schofield has hosted the event since 2002.

“Every day at ‘This Morning’, I admire people who are brave and open with themselves. So, it’s my turn to tell the truth about myself,” he said.

After the horrendous confession, Phillip Schofield also opened up on his TV show.
Phillip Schofield had tears in his eyes when he revealed himself on the show This Morning which he brought. Together co-host Holly Willoughby, she also shared her feelings and the process acknowledged the fact that she was gay.

Previously, Phillip Schofield had confessed to the family and admitted that the news was received quite well by them.

After an emotional interview, Phillip Schofield was applauded and embraced by his partner at the event, Holly Willoughby.

Phillip Schofield married Stephanie, after the two met when Stephanie was a production assistant BBC and Phillip Schofield work at BBC Children.

Despite admitting to be gay, Phillip Schofield and Stephanie have not yet decided to divorce. Phillip Schofield also said he had no intention of looking for another partner.

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