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Xiaomi is ready to compete with Apple

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Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun said the company is focused on competing in the high-end smartphone market, competing with Apple.

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun reveals the company’s vision to become a leader in the global market smartphone high class. Jun said the company will focus on the high-end segment, competing with Apple, which holds the big market share.

Reported from Gizmochina (14/2), Lei Jun describes the competition in the market segment smartphone the upper class as a life and death war, which the company must overcome in order to sustain its growth.

Smartphone manufacturers from China have felt the pressure of competition since Huawei was hit by problems. Xiaomi must fill the competitive void with the Cupertino-based company, and take a leading position in the competition among China’s leading technology companies. Lei revealed the company’s strategic goal is to develop into a vendor smartphone largest in the world by 2025.

Lei said Xiaomi is committed to investing 100 billion Yuan (USD15.71 billion) in R&D over the next five years to pursue its strategic goals. Xiaomi will continue to compete with major players in the market smartphone high-end like Apple and Samsung.

Recent global data shows Xiaomi is performing well and is predicted to overtake Apple and Samsung in the next few years if it remains stable on its current trajectory. Xiaomi earlier this year also reportedly overtook Apple in total global shipping volume, making it the 2nd global phone manufacturer for a while.

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