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OPPO is ready to release a new A series smartphone in Indonesia

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The OPPO A series is claimed to be a device that many Indonesian consumers like. OPPO will bring a refresh on this device.

In the pre-event Launch Reno7 yesterday, OPPO announced that it will soon launch Reno7 5G devices in Indonesia in the near future. It is estimated that this device will be launched in a matter of weeks in Indonesia. However, at the Reno7 5G introduction event on 8 February, OPPO also gave a leak that it would launch another device in Indonesia.

“We have prepared several OPPO A Series devices to be present in Indonesia, there will be more than one device that will launch in the first quarter of this year. One of the devices in the A series line will be launched next week. This latest OPPO A series will come with various refreshments, especially on the design and devices it carries. We will bring a new processor and a better camera module in this series in 2022,” said OPPO Indonesia PR Manager, Aryo Meidianto.

The OPPO A series is claimed to be a device that many Indonesian consumers like. Not surprisingly, the OPPO A series controls almost more than 50% of OPPO’s market share in Indonesia. This series of devices always comes with offering good device performance, which is usually combined with a large 5,000 mAh battery combined with fast charging technology to give the device a whole day of use. The camera configuration carried by this device has also been adapted to its target market.

In 2022, OPPO will refresh the A series line with the presence of several new things such as the use of the latest processors, better cameras and even OPPO’s fast charging technology, SuperVOOC, will be present on A series devices this year.

Meanwhile, in terms of design, one of these devices will be equipped with OPPO Glow anti-scratch technology. Gradually, OPPO will launch A series devices in the first quarter of 2022 starting from next week. Later, there will be several A series devices that can be the user’s choice and can be adjusted to their needs.

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