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Vivo V23 5G Price and Specifications

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At the beginning of 2022, or to be precise on January 25, 2022, Vivo has again made a breakthrough in the Indonesian market by officially launching the Vivo V23 5G. Through the release of Vivo, he boasted that the V23 5G is a new breakthrough smartphone for gadget lovers in the country.

What is the reason vivo dares to claim like that? This is because the V23 5G comes as a smartphone that brings a lot of interesting things. One of them is the ability of the rear body to change color and Vivo calls it “UV color-changing design”, and this is the first in Indonesia.

Is that all? Of course not! This smartphone is also equipped with reliable camera support, especially on the front. vivo has embedded a 50 MP + 8 MP front camera with Night Mode support, so that it is able to produce more natural photos.

Have an elegant design

vivo V23 5G is equipped with a Fluorite AG Glass design. This design provides a premium touch that is smooth, comfortable to grip and free of fingerprints. vivo V23 5G has two elegant premium color variants, namely Stardust Black and Sunshine Gold.

With UV color-changing innovation that will give this smartphone a color change when exposed to sunlight or UV light. This technology also makes Vivo V23 5G the first UV color-changing smartphone in Indonesia.

Weighing just 7.39mm on Stardust Black and 7.55mm on Sunshine Gold, the vivo V23 5G also has a slim body. Comes with a body of 179 grams in the Stardust Black variant and 181 grams in Sunshine Gold, the vivo V23 5G offers a comfortable and perfect smartphone experience.

What’s more, the vivo V23 5G has a Metal Flat Frame Design device frame to present a sleek and perfect look when held in the hand. Meanwhile, for a 6.44-inch screen with an AMOLED panel supported by a 90Hz refresh rate. The resolution is FullHD+ with an aspect ratio of 20:9.

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